SHAZAM! Movie Review ⚡ Good, Bad & Nerdy

Shazam! Movie Review from Andre Black Nerd Comedy.
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Andre Black Nerd Reviews Shazam, if it connects to the DCEU, how Djimon Hounsou is in both “Captain Marvel” movies, the movie’s ironic connection to Gremlins, and Andre’s final rating of the film, especially after the third act.

From Wikipedia: Shazam! is a 2019 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Directed by David F. Sandberg, the film stars Asher Angel as Billy Batson, a teenage boy who can transform into an adult superhero, played by Zachary Levi.

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43 thoughts on “SHAZAM! Movie Review ⚡ Good, Bad & Nerdy

  1. Another great thing about this movie is there's no shirtless superhero scene. It was a genuine superhero movie, I loved it!

  2. I find it ironic that even though Aquaman is the lowest rated movie by audiences and critics between Wonder Woman and Shazam yet it by far made the most money all of them. Oh well Captain Marvel made like 10 times more money than Shazam yet Shazam was 100 times better

  3. Got it today on Bluray. I know the DVD was cheaper but for the extra fiver it's worth it on Bluray.

    Love Zachary Levi since Tangled and Chuck. His also one of my crushes.

    I found this film to be hilarious and just a fun superhero movie. Think Big meets Superman.

  4. I liked it the most out of all the DC movies, but my only issue is that there wasn't enough development between the family, it feels a little rushed, and choppy and all over the place, but otherwise it was fun and did love the dark moments!

  5. As a lifelong Shazam fan, I wanted this movie for sooooooo long and I was excited but hesitent. Then I watched it and almost every scene had me geeking out about something, then the third act hit and I got blown away cuz I kinda saw it coming but I also didnt think they would pull that card til captain adam But Maaaaaan this movie feels like the perfect love letter to Shazam fans

  6. I think I get it now, the Studios have completely hijacked all of the independent movie reviewers on YouTube with substantial subscribership. so even a shitshow dumpster fire like this movie could end up coming away with a good rating.

  7. I was aware of the shazam "MARVEL" family in the comics but i never expected them to do it in the movie so it was a complete and welcome surprise.

  8. I LOVED the villain! Someone on the net nailed it when they compared dr. Sivana with Harry Potter who lived with the Dursleys, got whisked away to the Wizarding World only to be told by Hagrid, "You're not a wizard, Harry", and getting dumped back with the Durleys again. The kid was in an abusive family who told him he was worthless, got a whiff of magical powers with which he (so he thought) could prove his worth to his family only to be rejected and dumped at his family who mocked and reviled him the rest of his life. That is a GREAT villain! I loved the 'family' theme that ran through this movie: Sivana's abusive family and Billy deadbeat mom versus the supportive foster family. Take out dr. Sivana's story, and you lose that connection.

  9. Not trying to be a debbie downer, but honestly the entire DC universe movies suck BAD. Its super corney and not in a good way, the jokes weren't as bad as Aquaman but still. The lack of realism is real turn off, especially the the super unreal bullies and school clichés. Also the whole power ranger shazam family was Ssuppper gay, I understood the whole family theme but seriously that just added to the really bad writing. Entire movie was a bad.

  10. Well the possible villian for that possible next film was definitely the executive producer of this film with his ex wife slash business partner

  11. Love it and the young ones love it. They applaud to it in the theaters and you don’t see that often these days.

  12. "I'm a super hero! Let's just go have fun w/ these powers!"

    This is what was so revolutionary about Quicksilver's "Time In A Bottle" sequence in Days of Future Past.

  13. The fact that they held the Rock's appearance for the second film was a smart move. There was so much to unpack in just learning who Shazam is that a big bad like Adam would've just cluttered and made the film too much. With the second one we'll have a more experienced and established Shazam to fight a more experienced enemy.

  14. This movie was epic, had so much ❤ and not many superhero movies have that. DC has been on fire lately. Can't wait for joker to hit in October. Going to be a great year for DC.

  15. Wow, everyone seems to have liked it Shazam!, even critics… I didn't like that much, in fact, I give this movie a 5/10. For me, it tried to be TOO FUNNY, like, A LOT, even in emotional and tense scenes where you need some character depth and growth (yeah, I get it, Shazam! will make jokes in most of these cases, but almost EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM? Horrible. His encounter with his mom was a little touchy, but it was so random and added almost no depth to his character after the scene. The villain stopped being menacing after his scene killing the executives. I thought the action scenes were so much dull, boring. There were literally no fight scenes with at least 3 consecutive punches (I'm not kidding), every fight scene had like one big punch and then a joke and then some dialogue; then another blow that sends the opponent flying, AND THEN MORE DIALOGUE. There were no actual "combat" in the movie!! (attack, evasion, expression, another blow, defense, power, these things). Also (SPOILER ALERT) the 7 deadly sins (those monsters the wizard was trying to protect the world from) were pretty pathetic and acted like some really angry orcs, not really a global threat (but perhaps their actual threat is their bad influence, I don't know). I liked the characters and enjoyed the overall plot (involving magic and other things). Also, that "Superman" half cameo was TERRIBLE. Omg if WB wanted to make a Superman cameo, then use your fucking Superman actor that has been in 3 movies already. If Henry won't be there, then just don't do it. I would love to see Henry there with Shazam in the school, but this headless body cameo? Completely garbage, and no, it's not cool, it's not nice, and it's definitely not "Superman and Shazam sharing the big screen for the first time!" It doesn't even come close to it. Perhaps when I watch it again I might find this movie better, seeing a second time give you a new perspective of the movie, but for now I am very, very disappointed with it ☹

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