Shazam Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

Today on Variant, Arris details his Spoiler-Free review of DC’s new movie, Shazam! And includes this weeks Buy List!


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44 thoughts on “Shazam Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

  1. From what I read, they planned on black Adam being the villon for this movie. But they wanted to do both characters justice and creating a backstory for both Shazam and black Adam seemed to be to large of a task to do right in a single movie. If I remember right they are going to do a stand along black Adam film and then bring the two together. But don't quote me in it. Look into it yourself. I'm going to look back into it later on myself.

  2. I told my dad (who has no idea who any shazam villains are) that black Adam was one of shazam's villains

    He said that's racist

  3. Haven’t seen the movie yet, and hope to watch it but it’s not on theaters anymore so I missed the chance so I’ll have to wait for the dvd….

  4. I enjoyed Shazam, I would have liked powered-Sivana to have a more distinct power set.

    Spoilerish warning

    Maybe have his sin based powers be similar to the gods of Shazam so that each sin bring a new specialty power, but they can all allow him to have strength and durability, so that way when one leave he loses that particular ability etc. Making the some distinct powers would have been nice, it's happens too much where a villain has the same power set as the hero.

  5. Wisdom of *S*olomon
    Strength of *H*ercules
    Stamina of *A*tlas
    Power of *Z*eus
    Courage of *A*chilles
    Speed of *M*ercury

  6. @Arris …. My ranking for DC movies uptill now is also same … But if you also include Dark Knight series, That will come at top.

  7. Technically, he is given the power of 3 Gods(Zeus, Atlas, Mercury), the other 3 are a demi-god(Hercules), a greek hero and demi-god (Aquiles), and a biblical king (Solomon)

  8. I loved this movie, it was a real suprise! I think that the trailers made it look to childish(which it was in a good way), but it was more than just that!

  9. I loved it! Definitely one of DC’s best so far. I have to say, it isn’t all laughs and smiles as Shazam does touch upon some heavy subject matter and there are some scenes which a quite dark. Still loved though.

  10. It was a fun movie. I have to say Capt. Marvel (DC) is a much better superhero than Superman. No wonder he was more popular in the 1940s and 50s.

  11. At first, I thought it was stupid not to have Black Adam in the movie too, until I saw it and thought about it. The main bad guy really should be saved for a sequel. If you use a hero's best villain out of the gate, where do you go from there? Also, this movie had a LOT of characters to cover and rightfully focused on Billy Batson the most. Adding such an important character as Black Adam would have demanded more screen time devoted to the villain and his backstory in order to do proper justice to the character. The first movie should be focused on Shazam/Captain Marvel.

  12. I like wonder woman for lap foreword dcu justice league was step back and shazm was dc getting footing most chime unvise give up dc has keep trying unlit they finally got it right

  13. Since when did Shazam become an all around comedy? Even the corny TV had moe focus on the seriousness of learning to use and control his powers. Don't think I'm gonna watch this one

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