Simple Air Fryer Chicken Wings | Buffalo Wild Wings Recipe | Review

Simple Air Fryer Chicken Wings | Buffalo Wild Wings Recipe | Review

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Cosori Premium 5.8-Quart Air Fryer

Honey BBQ & Parm Garlic

It’s Incredible

Inkbird Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Texas Butcher Blocks

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26 thoughts on “Simple Air Fryer Chicken Wings | Buffalo Wild Wings Recipe | Review

  1. Those air fryers are pretty cool 😎 might need to invest in one!!! I like the flats the best. But they all looked delicious 🤤 great video buddy

  2. I love chicken wings. I like the flats best. I found some Flyin' Saucy Parmesan Garlic wing sauce! Duck fat spray, awesome! Good job Scott, I'm with you on the flavors!

  3. Dang… these came out great gr8.. when it comes to wings im about the drum stick than the actual wing it self since it barally has enough meat but i still 8 it all…lol…. loved how you used the duck fat spray just like miss boogers.. the air fryer queen… i personally would like the parm and herb but my hubby Luis would love the Bbq and so in my house we would have to make them both …lol… great cook 8)

  4. Nice air fryer tutorial, I'm a chicken (no pun intended) about trying this type of cooker but you make it look pretty painless. Cheers!

  5. Good lookin' wings! Honey BBQ is good… good for the kids! Parm Garlic looks tasty… I'd could go for those! Thanks!

  6. Hi New Friend! I watched this fantastic video and liked.

    Please visit my channel and let's be friends! Thanks and have a nice day! 🙂

  7. Awesome video my friend my wife recently bought a air fryer I will tell her to try this for sure. Huge like as always hope you have a wonderful weekend. 👍😀💯

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