The best transatlantic economy class is on… Singapore Airlines?!



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Airline: Singapore Airlines, SQ
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Aircraft registration: 9V-SKF
Flight date: June 7th, 2019
Route: Frankfurt – New York
Flight numbers: SQ26
Seat: 75K (upper deck)
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43 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines A380 – THE BEST TRANSATLANTIC FLIGHT!

  1. Hi Dan, I really enjoyed this video. Twenty years ago, September 1999, I flew return economy from the UK to Bali, stopping off at Singapore each way with Singapore Airlines and still remember what a great trip it was, the onboard service and Krisworld nailed it for me, just the best! I'm really pleased to see they have kept their standard, even exceeding that with the upper floors in their new airplanes. You give credit where it is due and thanks for all your other fab videos too x

  2. no free seats anymore sadly, but still hot towels hahaha just flew to SIN the other day return from Sydney. love it

  3. Absolutely agree on the Upper Deck of the A380 of the economy (Emirates was nice) – will try the SQ on the next trip to SFO.

  4. The business class seats shown on this flight are the older version and more comfortable than the new upgrade seats that are considerably harder

  5. I just tried out the Emirates version of this economy A380 window upper deck seat.. And yes the storage is lovely..
    But I found the upper deck economy quite cramped.. Like low ceiling.. However.. the HUGE toilet (an old 1st class toilet?) was a never before experienced luxury!
    BTW you pay extra for these twin sets unless you want to gamble on last minute allotment

  6. Hi Dan! I just did a roundtrip flight from JFK to Changi airport via Frankfurt on Singapore Airlines A380 for the first time a few weeks ago. I have never flown trans-Atlantic whenever I fly to Asia; I always fly trans-Pacific. In fact, I have never flown long-distance on SIngapore Airlines before. But looking at your reviews on Singapore Airlines being the best economy class really intrigued me. And A380 is a massive aircraft! I also opted for the upper deck due to the seat configuration (2-4-2 vs 3-4-3 on the lower deck). All and all, it was a really enjoyable experience. Flying for almost 24 hours is never fun, but flying on Singapore Airlines makes it more "bear-able", at east in my experience. 😉 Thank you for your reviews, always very informative! Sending much love!

  7. Love Singapore Airlines. I fly business class a few times a month and that is excellent on SQ. Probably only bettered by Qatar Airways in my opinion.

  8. Omg I looked on my watch history and I only found your channel today and I have already watched about 20 of your videos in half an hour you're such a good youtuber I subscribed to you for some reason I am really interested in planes ugh I can't find the laugh emoji but I love you and your videos xxx

  9. I wasn't even aware that Singapore did such routes. I'll definitely be checking out the Manchester to Houston route. Much love to you and I hope you had a wonderful time with your father.

  10. Great videos again!I always see how different airline classes look like.Form YOU!Keep up the good work 😀😀😃😃😀😃Keep flying ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🛩🛩🛩

  11. Oh please, Singapore will always be better in anything than both Emirates and Qatar in everything when it comes to economy!

  12. Hi Dan – I really appreciate your honest reviews. In the past you had a link (to help support your endeavours) for AWAY luggage. I was just wondering if you have a new link as I am wishing to purchase a suitcase and if I can help support you/get a small discount, wouldn't that be great! Please provide a link for AWAY – thanks so much.

  13. Thank you so much for putting their safety demo music in the background! I recognized it immediately and it made me both happy and nostalgic at the same time.

  14. FYI DAN : This is NOT their best seat on Y-class. Although its in 3-3-3 or 3-4-3 (cant remember if they cramped it) their 777-300ER have the new seats with new IFE (which is epic!) and EXTRA thick padding on the lowerback area. You need to review that. I found out as I flew CPH-SIN and SIN-FRA-CPH , where in denmark they still had the 772 at the time, with the super old seats like these ones, with a hard cush to sit on. On SIN to FRA segment, the 773 had the newer seats and really it was Night and day! I was blown away by the difference.

  15. Would fly that route anytime!! I love how you got the SIA music into the video, it's one of my favourite airline music out there ~~

  16. Dan, could you do a review of special meals on airlines.? My partner is gluten-free and the meals are often very disappointing. I eat from the menu and I am sure coeliacs could eat the same food if the allergies were annotated on the menu.

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