Hi guys, this video is about my recent flight from Singapore to Frankfurt on Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER in business class , this was an all-daytime flight which departed at 13:5 (SIN time) and arrived at 21:00 (FRA time).

This was my first long haul flight in Singapore Airlines’ business class, which took 12 hours and was over 6400 miles long.

And it turned out to be one of the best flights i’ve ever flown on, everything about this flight was good. The food (book the cook), the seat, the views outside and the amazing cabin crew working on this flight.

Singapore Airlines lives up to their name by delivering a rock solid product that many call the worlds best business class.

The plane, the flight attendants and the food, I would rate it a solid 9,5.

Some details about the flight:

Airline: Singapore Airlines
Flight number: SQ326
Flight origin: Singapore Changi International Airport
Flight destination: Frankfurt am Main International Airport
Plane: Boeing 777-300ER
Registration: 9V-SWI (Star Alliance logo jet)
Seat: 14A
Date: April 26, 2019
Flight duration: 12 hours

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21 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines’ AMAZING New 777-300ER BUSINESS CLASS REVIEW | SINGAPORE – FRANKFURT

  1. Singapore Business Class is second to none They are simply the best . However there are some short comings . The SilverKris Lounge in Changi Terminal 3 is resembled a hospital ward when we were there in December 2018 with people lying on the couch and the bathroom is mouldy and had not been cleaned properly . The midnight supper service on our Sydney flight as a little bit rush with no offer of dessert or hot cuppa . We will be travelling again with Singapore Air in December 2019 and hope that they are improving

  2. You havent seen the bad sight yet… staff arent allowed inside lounge and no suites for staff. Early check in is also not included. PLS SPREAD

  3. Wow! I flew SQ Business just this month to Italy. My first time on any Business Class. Your video reminded me of my time on board! Just awesome. Their service is simply amazing. really attention to details! the crew were all so sharp eye! They can anticipate what you are going to do next or want next!

  4. I like very much the descriptions at the bottom of certain shots; short but to the point. Question: as you pulled into the gate at Frankfurt, what was the aircraft and airline logo next to you?

  5. "At Changi the airport security is located at the Gate" One of the reasons i love this airport. Do you have seen any other airport with this facility? I don't know how do they manage to get so many ppl for just security given how big the airport is!!

  6. The inflight meal service is comparable to Cathay Pacific First Class (minus the caviar and Krug of course!). Cathay Pacific's Business Class cannot even come close to this with their preset plastic meal trays and limited options on newspaper style menus.

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