Singapore Airlines Economy Flight Experience & Food Review | Tokyo to Los Angeles

Singapore Airlines economy class flight review and food review from Tokyo to Los Angeles, NRT to LAX. Singapore Airlines SQ 12 Boeing 777-300er four class Economy class experience. This Singapore Airlines Flight review covers the check-in, cabin, seats, entertainment, wifi, food service, drink service, toilets, amenities and overall experience for Economy class. Also, included is a Singapore Airlines Food Review for dinner menu Options and Breakfast menu options.

You’ve got your standard flat screen touch display, about the size of an iPad. Not a retina display though, but good enough for movies. The movie selection is fair and I personally liked the new release section being in Japan, I don’t get the latest movies so it was nice to catch up on movies during the flight.

There’s also a PSP looking controller if you don’t want to use the touchscreen. It’s nice since it gives you flight information, but you can also use it to play games on the main screen.

There’s also some built-in USB ports which I totally love as I’m a device junky and always looking to charge. And there’s a 2 prong headphone jack that works with the airlines headphones, but I found that you can plug your own headphones in just like this and it will still work.

The seat also has a coat hook, cup holder, personal ceiling lights and a generous amount of seat pockets to store your stuff, like my iPhone and water bottle. The seat tray folds out, first half way, with a place to put your cup and even a sliding mirror. Then it folds out completely.

Also, the flight does have WiFi. I’ve never used it before, but I have seen people on their laptops text messaging the entire flight before, so it must work ok. Probably can’t go all Netflilx on it though. And the seat itself is comfortable. Standard size for economy. It also has a neat head-rest that adjust to contour your head. And even a footrest.

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22 thoughts on “Singapore Airlines Economy Flight Experience & Food Review | Tokyo to Los Angeles

  1. Thank you for being such an excellent reviewer ! I felt like my son was telling me about his experience rather than a PR lecture!!

  2. Singapore airlines is my favourite ….I hv flown with them from the uk at least once a year since 2014……My 2nd fav is KLM . 🙂

  3. Singapore is also my go to airline whenever I visit Japan. Their economy service is far much more superior than any other airline I've ever flown

  4. This is why I love economy food more than business and first. In business and first, they usually take the food out and serve it on a plate. But in economy, the food is kept in the container and the aroma is still there when you open.

  5. Thanks dude. I loved the video. I enjoyed watching it. Singapore Airlines are fantastic. I try to fly with them whenever I can. They always take good care of me.

  6. Although I have only been on Singapore Airlines 2x, I still can't forget their superb, amazing, excellent experience flying with them. Superb planes, amazing services and excellent food plus the comfor of flying with them. And until now, I still love them. The best airlines ever! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  7. Glad you had a positive experience on Singapore Airlines as it's my national airline. Usually it cost a little more than other airlines but it's worth the extra dollars especially for long flights. Enjoy watching your videos Paolo, I get hungry seeing you eat all that food!

  8. My first travel experience to Bangkok was using the Singapore airline. which is a transit from Brunei to Singapore and from Singapore to Bangkok. Even thought I'm using the economic class, it's still feel really comfortable and the flight attendant is really nice. Looking forward for my next travel using the Singapore airline. thumbs up!

  9. My best flight was from Switzerland to Singapore with Singapore Airlines. I was never bored despite having a long flight. Always nice fight or snacks and good movies to watch. Very nice airline.

  10. SQ still keeps the 3-3-3 economy configuration which is awesome. I’ve been fortunate to have flown them in business and bro, it’s awesome! I got an affordable business class ticket during one of their Presidents’ Day sales!Talk about good food! I also got to see Keanu Reeves up in First in my return flight to LAX. Hope they sponsor you! I’m sure you’d make a dope video! But overall you can go wrong with SQ. But lately their SQ12 arrival time has been so late.🤷🏽‍♂️

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