Snaptain A15 Foldable FPV Drone – Family Fun Review – TheRcSaylors

Check the drone out here:
It was such a beautiful day outside, so we decided to get the whole family in the front yard to soak in some sun and fly some drones. We picked up the Snaptain A15 Foldable FOV drone from Amazon and decided to fly it for you all. Let’s see if it is worth the higher asking price.

Check the drone out here:

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45 thoughts on “Snaptain A15 Foldable FPV Drone – Family Fun Review – TheRcSaylors

  1. this drone isn't really that bad, I have one and I know for sure that the voice controls works and the only bug with this thing is that the camera lags a little bit, but everything else is okay about the drone for me because it comes with 2 battery and 7 minutes flight. Don't talk bad about the drone, the developers of the snaptain drones work really hard to produce these drones and it feels wrong to just say that "You shouldn't waste your money and buy this drone" . this drone isn't like other toy drones companies they make updates on there drones and even care about us so they make an app for the drone so you can process it easer.

  2. Okay, so I'll need some pre-recorded baby sounds please. Lol. Great vid. Keep doing these if they send to you. It's good to see what's available. Never know when we might need a good gift or something to take on vacation to bash. Thanks.

  3. I LOVE that you have the entire family in your reviews! It just makes it more fun & interesting. We get to see all of you and how everyone is doing. Hey, babies are fussy & dogs bark and wrap their leash around your legs – IT'S ALL GOOD!!! Just keep doing what YOU want to do – it seems to be working pretty good & for a long time, too! Take care! JP

  4. You guys should check out if you are interested it is like LEGO technic but for a fraction of the price

  5. Hey guy's. You wont ever get your life back b4 Emillia . My daughter had a stroke at 34 and is living with me. She cant work due to eye sight but isn;t paralyzed. My point is they never leave home.The SJRC F11 seems to be the best I've seen for the buck. It's shipping to me today,cant wait for it's arrival! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Don

  6. Do what you do, if someone does not like it they can move, right? As for me I like they way you do the video with "All" the family. The only thing I would like to see is a little more the tech side of the Hobby. I did this hobby back years before all this new stuff and so much to catch up on and why so many ways to charge lipo batteries? and do we have to change all the batteries so you can charge them on a smart Charger? I have a new Bugs 2 and 3 and both use different batteries will they last using the charger that came with them?

  7. Nothing wrong with a nice family doing these videos this is what many people will have to be faced with when they also are using any of the products. And I like your videos as do others if I were there I would hold the baby for you and love it. Do the best you can if some days are just to chaotic we understand I had three kids believe me I get it. The hardest days make the best memories

  8. What is the best photography drone with good stabilization and many functions around $100-$150? Just to film places and things like that. Can also be a drone where I have to place my own camera.

  9. You know you never really SEE Amelia crying, maybe it is just a good sound effect! Not right to blame it all on the baby! What if Nathan stubbed his toe or something? LOL

  10. Wow that lil girl has grown, been a while since I been by. I have 4 kiddos,work, and youtube so been supper busy. Take care guys

  11. Noice!

    Ohhh is that a camper trailer?! when i saw that i was more interested with it than anything else…

    But i'd recommend the drone on the previous video anyday…

    Oh and on a side note, i have never got annoyed with any person that had a baby that was crying(hint that's what babies do best! =j) ….and that's wherever it was…airplane, restaurant etc…i'm just happy that the parents are taking them around and having some fun themselves! (aside from videos and photos think of all the free access babies get! )

  12. I've no issues with you having your baby and dog in the videos. It actually sets your channel apart from all of the other RC channels I check out on a regular basis.

    Ps. Really like how you'll recommend another RC, at a similar price, to the item not getting a good review in the current video.

  13. Sounds like you guys need a little break,,,,,maybe to consider 2 or 3 weeks off to reset…..we would all understand.. it’ll give us all something to look forward to,,,if anything……go for it guys,,,,I’m in the same situation,,,sometimes it just goes a little nutty,,,time to BREATHE. If anyone complaining about it,,,,go somewhere else.,,,,,,my 2 year old loves the show,,,,in fact her favorite part is POPEYE,,(figures)…but she utters the words. SAYLOR A NOW BABY!! Give it a shot,,,,,works for us,,,,,,anyway we don’t miss a show…best of luck guys…….JIM

  14. Haters gonna hate, but as a parent/grandparent/great-grandparent I think you two are awesome parents to Amilea and Popeye and I like seeing all of you enjoying the hobby. Please don't change or let the haters get you down
    Thank you
    Rick B. aka Plastic butcher

  15. Basic quad. nothing spectacular and no better than many cheaper offerings. Pass
    I like having Amelia feature in the video and I've always liked having Popeye about and having fun. Having a family means that things get more complicated but they also get more enjoyable especially for you and in my opinion for most of us who watch.
    You keep doing what you are doing.

  16. While you guys never disappoint, the Mavic clone type drone has been overdone & this one is no different to many others out there.

  17. Truly an awesome video. Family is what it’s all about. She is so cute. Beautiful baby. I’m sure glad my daughter slept almost all night.

  18. The only thing I didn't like about this video is the drone / quad. The imagery it produced seemed fake somehow and I have no interest in such a flyer at the moment anyway. And Amelia is adorable. I noticed something you might be too close to see: When Nate starts talking while he's holding her, at first she's all interested and happy. Airplanes make her smile. And then you go into why it isn't worth buying and as that's happening, she gets grumpy. Amelia was precisely the right name. 🙂

  19. Amelia's bow is awesome! 3:04 when Amelia looked at the camera feed, she disapproved of the excessive jello. 6:05 TheRCSaylors do a great job soldiering on through the family chaos! 7:24 Perhaps the battery doesn't last as long as one might wish for, but I think most customers will forget all about that when they begin using Snaptain's voice control. According to the product page, "control your drone hands-free with simple voice commands like “take off", "landing", "left", "right", "forward", "backward". The drone beats any near competitors with this smart voice control and is indeed the best gift choice ever." 8:59 Amelia was thinking, "I wish we could give you a stronger recommendation, but in the amount of time I've been on this channel, I've already seen several drones better than this one!" 10:50 Yes, of course we want Amelia!

  20. I dont mind kids my granddaughter is with me all the time(my best buddy) she's in some of my video's (LYNCHMOBB) If people dont want to see or put up with kids they wont watch but our kids n grandkids are here to stay

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