SOLOTICA AQUARELLA CONTACTS (Sienna Brown, Sea Green & Golden Ochre) Review + Coupon Code


How exciting Solotica have dropped this new line?? I died over how comfy they were, LITERALLY

Vision Marketplace website:


My other solotica review videos:

The shades

1. Golden Ochre
2. Sea Green
3. Sienna Brown

These are 1-day contacts and you get 5 PAIR of contacts in 1 pack.


♡Instagram: @dianashex
♡Snapchat: didiwigga

Frequently asked Q’s;

♡What camera do I use? SONY Nex-5
♡Where is my mirror from? IKEA
♡My ethnicity? Born and raised in Stockholm, originally from Slemani Kurdistan


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21 thoughts on “SOLOTICA AQUARELLA CONTACTS (Sienna Brown, Sea Green & Golden Ochre) Review + Coupon Code

  1. I just love watching your reactions after every lenses you put on! Like girl I love to see you being excited after every fucking bomb ass lenses and I really really really love your black hair !

  2. If you like these, wait till you try the new Solotica Hidrocore Gem Stone 2019 colors. Particularly Safira! You are about to lose your gorgeous mind! stay Blessed!

  3. Hi i wanted to ask what’s your favorite green contacts? Last year I ordered from nada lenses and got scammed. So I ordered from vision market place and I received them❤️ but I’m gona need a new pair cuz they’re expired now.
    I have brown eyes and I just want a shade of green

  4. Hi dear These lenses are beautiful, but there are only 10 lenses for daily use, as you can spend € 30 every 10 days, it is impossible to spend too much, you should put a pack of 270 units to last 9 months as they are to be used 😡🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🗡😡
    they are very expensive they are to be used and discarded and it doesn't arrive 15 days is a robbery 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸🔪
    this brand is thought to screw up the money

  5. Eh I don’t like how the ring is bigger. Color is nice and natural, but the ring around the pupil makes it obvious that it’s a contact

  6. I don’t know if you know. I keep seeing your videos on fb. Other contact companies using them.

    Just like this one.

  7. Hey babe, does your discount code work for Also your gorgeous & I love your contact lense review videos!!😍😘

  8. Awe man solotica has started making junk contacts!! Lol ppl are more interested in your makeup than the contacts!! Lol 😂😂

  9. um. these are so subtle they dont look good at all. brown. slightly less brown and brown. those are the colors your eyes look.

  10. I am from Paris and work for an Israeli distributor in the field of optics. If you are interested in Solotica at a very interesting price, contact me on whatsapp: +33661128280

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