Sony a6400 Thorough Review (Long Format) | 4K

Sony a6400 Long Format Review (Thorough) | Photographer Dustin Abbott shares the thorough (long) review of the Sony a6400 (watch for the brief review coming soon). This review hits in detail the features and performance of the a6400, from focus to video to sensor performance. Read the full text review here: | See more images in the gallery here:
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31 thoughts on “Sony a6400 Thorough Review (Long Format) | 4K


  2. SD SLOT IS IN THE SAME BATTERY SLOT .I think they designed to prevent from taking SD card out while the the camera is still on. Cuz it might mess up the fils.

  3. Thought I’d watched everything out there on the A-6400 and then I discovered your review. Turns out there was still more to learn. Thanks. I’ve sub’d.

  4. considering that up to 50% of my work is in low light, and ibis in a6500, and I'm also interested in video (even more than photo), which should I choice?

  5. Hey Dustin can you tell your video is so fluid I mean the motion is so fluid and it feels like I'm watching a 60fps video even at 30p? Why? All your close-up shots. It looks stunning 😍

  6. This poster, Androidlad, on eoshd was the one to release a spec sheet on new sony sensors just a month or two ago and he claims it is a new sensor in the a6400.

    On 1/20/2019 at 4:45 PM, tweak said:

    I just don't expect Sony has changed their dated LSI or heat sinks (especially not on a budget model).

    They upgraded the sensor to IMX293 with 20nm lithography and new readout circuitry, only the analog photosites remain unchanged.

    He gets into it a few exchanges w/ Andrew Reid and provides more detail. This guy def has a connection at sony.

  7. I just bought this camera mainly because the Sigma f/1.4 primes are priced so much more reasonably than primes for the A7, minus the Samyang f/2.8's. Also the AF is going to be superior to the original A7, the a6000's AF was superior already. As for touch screen – don't care, IBIS – don't care, 4k – don't care, Menu's – I'm not an idiot, I can figure it out as I did on the nex 6, a6000 and a7. I think Canon's naming of shutter priority (tv?) and continuous AF was far more confusing but they get a pass because it's canon. Calling it continuous AF is much better than whatever jargon canon used, and I went through a rebel xt, 30d, 5d and 7d. That is one reason I won't return to canon anytime soon, but I will get the 70-200 f/4L to use with the a6400.

  8. Dustin, very thorough review. For me, the a6400 is crippled without IBIS and the larger buffer of the a6500. I expect the long-awaited a6700 to resolve that … That said, I see no advantage of an apc-s such as the a6xxx line with a larger body — if I wanted a beefy body then i'd just switch to full frame. The tiny footprint of the a6xxx series is a key factor–for me at least–setting it apart from full frames.

  9. While they were expanding the grip, why didn't they put the new larger battery in it. Major fail. I still am using a5100 for my gimbal cam, no real good reason to upgrade.

  10. As a new Sony user, I was a little baffled when I dialled in my settings on the A6400 and using the free Sony U1 Sd card I got from Sony, you can only shoot 4K or 1080 video at 60mbs unless you have a U3 card loaded then you can select the 100 mbs option. Choosing the right memory cards are more complex than I thought.

  11. Dustin many many thanks for another finely detailed analysis the work and effort you put into these videos never ceases to amaze me, well done Sir. One thing I’d like you to consider doing if I may. I know you have a page where your supporters can become a patreon which is something I’d very much like to do but I’m afraid I can’t because I’m really quite old now and must survive on only a small pension income. I’ve seen on other YouTube videos where the poster has what’s sometimes called “Buy me a coffee” or something similar which allows a supporter to make smaller one off donations to at least contribute something in support. Is this something you might consider doing? Kind regards and Best Wishes Oliver

  12. May I make a suggestion? Lower your camera. There is a lot of air above your head while what you hold in your hands is not visible 🙂 And thanks for the review. It's informative as usual!

  13. Hi Dustin,

    Thanks for another good review.
    Sony A6400 is good value for money compared to A6500.
    The selfie touch screen is also great and brighter (not sure why Sony is struggling to implement fully articulating screen)
    The A6500's IBIS is not that great.
    Sony said a6400 is ideal for Wildlife photography with its Eye auto focus but it will be great if Sony/Sigma release affordable telephoto lenses for APS-C camera.

    I guess Sigma 150-600mm is a good option.

    Seems to work well with a6300

  14. The 16-50 is by no means a flawless lens, but it gets fairly good colors and I‘ce shoot some of my best images with it. Mainly because of the small size, you’ll have it often found it useful for vacation

  15. So in silent mode the a6400 shoots 8fps. 1st time im hearing it, thanks Dustin. I know it´s offtopic, but how fast is the a7III in silent mode?

  16. Mr Abbott wonderful job as always, are you aware of the options now available from smallrig for Microphone mounting? They have a new very small device that moves the mike mount to the side and clears the view of the flip up screen. I don't vlog but it seems like a nice option

  17. Great review as usual. My favorite part is @18:52 where your cat does a cameo appearance. Reminds me of what one of our cats named Cooper would do. : ) Thanks again Dustin.

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