Here is my review of the soon to be legendary Sony MH755. These are normally bundled with a Sony bluetooth receiver called the SBH20 but are available separately on places like ebay and AliExpress. These get my recommendation.

If you want to buy these then check the ebay for your country and look for the white models if possible as they are more likely to be genuine.


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4 thoughts on “SONY MH755 REVIEW – 1DD

  1. I think the fake ones are coming from the same factory in HuiZhou china, they are using the same cable,package and everything, except for the speaker unit.
    So basically you won't be able to tell the differnent until you actually listen and compare.
    The fake one's sounds just like normal 1-2$ earbugs, it has nothing, nothing what so ever, to do with the hifi world.

  2. Thanks for the review. I was looking for a budget earphone. Also thanks for telling that the white versions are likely to be genuine. I was about to buy black ones.

  3. Yeah the MH755 are a hidden gem and ridiculously good for their Price. Nice review btw I subscribed, always great to see new perspectives in this very subjective hobby. Also give the Einsear T2 a shot, they are very similar to the MH755(to me at least) and I prefer them because of the better buildquality and cable.

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