Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer REVIEW/THOUGHTS

The saga will end…

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31 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer REVIEW/THOUGHTS

  1. What did you like or dislike about The Rise of Skywalker trailer?
    Tell me your thoughts, opinions and feelings in the comments below.

  2. I seriously don’t understand how there’s controversy over the emperors return. Everyone saying “ah it ruins Vader’s sacrifice in ROTJ” but he has already returned in Legends with clone bodies and his spiriting trying to find a vessel, even tried to a host in Leia and Han’s son, Anakin. So yeah Vader’s sacrifice was already “ruined” long before Disney bought Star Wars. I bet you anything if the OG cast were the stars of this trilogy no one would be complaining about the emperor’s return.

  3. I don't like the trailer, it seems meh. And I have a feeling their going to ship Po and Finn as a couple, I can feel it in the Force.

  4. I’m with you man. I’m not too happy with Disney Star Wars. I liked TFA Rouge one and solo was okay but TLJ was not for me. I’m slightly excited but cautious at the same time

  5. The lightsaber fights seem slow and then The Emperor being alive makes no sense and makes Darth Vader’s sacrifice pointless. Going back to the Death Star seems kinda weird in a way and Rey, Finn and Poe have no character development. The last Jedi had its problems and I get that JJ is trying to fix them but judging by the looks from this trailer i really don’t think JJ might be able to. To be honest from the looks of things I might be walking out of that theatre on opening weekend very disappointed but they’re is a spark of hope that I won’t be.

  6. 5-10

    But we will have to see, but 6 will be my true ending, unless rise of Skywalker is actually pretty good or decent

  7. To be fair, no one liked or likes episode 1 & 2, but everyone absolutely loves episode 3. There is hope for this movie as well. I have faith until I see it when it’s over. No reading leaks, going in blind, like I have for any other Star Wars film

  8. I think that 3po called Rey,Finn and Poe his friends because there is a substantial time gap between the TLJ and TROS. Also I think that maybe they go an adventure first earlier in the movie.

  9. Always comes with stunning VFX. But im a lil worried like you are. I feel like its gonna end badly but who knows

  10. 1:20 Because nobody cares about that stupid fucking mask he's doing nothing but copying Vader's look I mean seriously he's nothing but a Darth Vader wannabe with a crossguard lightsaber.

  11. Loved the trailer…
    Its set at least a year after tlj so i reckon they'll be friends with threepio.
    Anakin has to show up or it will ruin anakins sacrifice…
    I don't necessarily agree with all of your opinions but u seem like a cool dude and you're entitled to your opinion just like anybody else

  12. When I first saw the trailer, I thought, "Is this a joke?" I've read a lot of rumors and leaks about the movie that were, frankly, awful; and from the looks of this trailer, it seems like the leaks were true. Here's my issues with it.

    1) Rey training. Why did we wait so long to see her training? This should have been Episode 8 from the get go; Luke training her on the island where the First Order wouldn't find them. Not this overpowered Mary Sue who just BS's her way through everything.

    2) Kylo's mask. From what we saw in Episode 8, that mask was demolished. Turned into an absolute jigsaw puzzle. Why not simply replace it with a spare, or even build an upgraded helmet that resembles Vader's even more? Disney puts so much emphasis of the new mask in posters and announcements, yet we only see him wear it in one scene. What's the point, then?

    3) Palpatine's return. It was cool to see Palpatine return in the Dark Empire trilogy, but Disney announced when Episode 7 came out that Palpatine, Vader and the Sith were dead, that Snoke and Kylo were not Sith. They put so much build up and emphasis into Snoke, into making him the Dark Side incarnate, but thanks to Rian Johnson, that pretty much went up in smoke. But having Palpatine return in this manner, it completely undoes Return of the Jedi. It undoes Vader returning to the light, it undoes Vader sacrificing himself to save his son as well as the galaxy, it undoes the Prophecy of the Chosen One to destroy the Sith and bring balance to the Force. Now Mary Sue is just going to skip on in and apparently "do what Vader couldn't do properly."

    4) The horses. Why… just… why. Bad enough that idiot Rose is coming back, but why the horses? We see the rebels riding horses on the exterior of a rising Star Destroyer. That's like riding a skateboard on the exterior of an airplane after take off. And why ride horses? They didn't have a ship to fly them in? They stole even more horses from Canto Blight just to have a race on the exterior of a warship covered with cannons?

    5) The Death Star. We all saw it get blown up by Lando and Wedge in ROTJ. Small wreckage here and there is one thing. But not only do they make it look like almost 1/3rd of the station is somehow intact, but they make the Emperor's throne room look almost untouched by the destruction. How?

    6) C-3PO. Other than R2 and Chewbacca, he hasn't been around any of the new cast for long. Why would he call them friends? If it was Luke, Leia, or Han, that'd be one thing.

    7) Vader's mask. No. No. No, no, no, no. Rey destroying Anakin's lightsaber, one of the most iconic items in the series, was unforgivable; now she's destroying Vader's mask, too? Absolutely not!

    8) And the cringiest moment yet; "People say they know me. They don't." Rey, you are way, way, WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too old to sound like some kind of emo millennial going through puberty.

  13. 2:20 they were not trying to defeat if you look at ben’s arm, he reaches out to it as if he accidentally broke it. You now how when you break something, you kind of reach out your hands and try to stop whatever broke from breaking? That’s the way Ben reached out his arm.

  14. okay time for kylo to be good, get the first order and the rebels teamed, battle the empire, and anakin to come back and destroy the sith fulfilling the place as the chosen one destroying the sith, ay? and i saw the b1 battle droid, and i think c3po might… uh die, thats when i die.

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