40 thoughts on “Super Game VCD 300 Chinese Edition Part1

  1. Omg I had the CD when I was little and used to live in Cuba, now I’m 16 and still love all these games, they’re so iconic😍

  2. Some on my friends had this dvd. as an indian middle-class child. it was hard to convince my parents to get me the dvd player which has the joystick support. so i could never had this dvd. today i have gaming pc with everything. But that joy i had while playing it at friend's home, that joy i can not have anymore….

  3. Can this "Super Game VCD 300" disc works on normal VCD and DVD players? Because this disc is identified as "Video CD" and the mention of disc directory on PCs.

  4. I remember when i was kid my father bought a VCD can play a lot more NES game with a CD and vendored by Crystal 😆😆😆

  5. When I was 6, my dad bought us a VCD player from China. Usually during the weekend, playing console games. I'm 22 now feeling tears in my eyes.

  6. Me lembrou o tempo em que eu sentava no chão, na frente da televisão, e ficava lá jogando com meus amigos e sozinho, por MUIIITO tempo, era muito bom♡♡ sdds daquela época

  7. Man i remember coming running from school and playing these games for the rest of the day till i fall asleep 😍 those were great memories
    Also , it's amazing how games evolved !

  8. Thank you by show the real name of the games!
    You know, some names in the menu are propositaly wrongs because clandestine or copyright stuff, i'm making a re pack of these games to play in pc. i will post here when i finish it.
    Remember me to post!

  9. Man.. As a guy who lived in a Low Income economy, I got a CD containing games like these from a DVD player we got. This is one of my great memories

  10. Thank you for posting all videos with the full list of games! My dad got me a copy from buying a VCD player at the local store when I was a kid. Played a whole lot of games for hours every time I got home from school. The English version was full of spelling errors, had trouble finding the games I remembered, until you corrected them here. Thanks for making me remember my childhood games again.

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