Tarot Deck Review – Tarot of the Golden Wheel

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This is my review of the Tarot of the Golden Wheel by Mila Losenko

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20 thoughts on “Tarot Deck Review – Tarot of the Golden Wheel

  1. Hey there, amazing video! Thanks a lot. I can't understand English very well, so please help me: What is the name of the deck on 6:45? Amazing card of Knight of cups.

  2. This is my first exposure to your channel and, can I just say, you are just delightful. Your review was well-paced, thoughtful, and kind. Your energy is so calm and positive, and your voice is soothing and engaging simultaneously. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your channel and will be checking out more of your deck reviews. Thank you so much for posting! 🙂 <3 🙂

  3. Just bought mine from Amazon and I love it! I've had great readings and the watercolors are beautiful just like my beloved Llewellyn.

  4. Super nice video… and a winner of a deck hey!?!? Thank you for sharing your treasures. You and your videos are fast becoming some of my fave reviews. Thanks again for sharing.

  5. I'm still waiting for my pre-order to arrive here in Europe. Been waiting for this deck to get published for a few years, so I'm super stoked. If you're interested in the Slavic folklore behind it I'll be mentioning who's who etc (I know it's not mentioned it the guidebook; that's too bad) in a video once it arrives to me. I really enjoyed your walkthrough, thank you.

  6. Oh man, I'm blown away. I totally thought I wouldn't like this deck, it isn't the style that usually draws me in – BUT – this deck is amazing – the colors! And when I saw them laid out next to each other – I'm sold. Thanks Dustin, going to order this!

  7. Beautiful. For those of us in the uk it’s available on Amazon from 20th July. Guess who’s preordered it. 😻

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