8 thoughts on “The $55 Rare iPhone 6 Running IOS 8.1.2 From EBay

  1. Yes bro. Please do a video on you jailbreaking this iPhone. I would like to see how it's done and gonna be like.

    Keep up the good work. Keep them videos coming.

  2. Wow iOS 8.2.1 I don’t even think I had my iPhone 6 when that was out I think I got my iPhone 6 when iOS 9 something was out but now I have a iPhone XS

  3. Wow that’s an awesome iPhone 6 running iOS 8. Now it’s as fast as a iPhone X running iOS 12. You should do a speed test iOS 12 vs iOS 8 iPhone 6 vs X. Would be surprisingly fast or same

  4. Not bad bro not bad at all always find the hottest deals on these iOS devices keep up the great work man I'll catch you on the next one have a good one.

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