3 thoughts on “The Best Photography Tour in Vietnam!

  1. I am actually the customer in this video – no lie.  I am an avid street-portrait photographer from the U.S.  This was my second visit to Vietnam, and this tour was part of my second year of enjoying a few tours with XO.  The video crew was a surprise inclusion in what turned out to be a private photography tour that was still in development, and not quite yet being offered publicly.  And this turned out to be a surprise reunion of sorts with Phung, one of my amazing female motorbike guides from last year, who was also kind enough to allow me to use her as a model during the tour.  I was pleasantly shocked when Phung, Khoi (the tour leader) and a two-man video crew showed up at my hotel to pick me up.Phung and I were so thrilled to see each other again, that we used our time on her motorbike, between stops, to catch up with each other's lives, which is why you can see us just chatting away like old friends.  And as far as the locations that XO chose for photo-ops?  I was in photo-op heaven.  The pan banh mi breakfast at the end was also heaven.  SO good!XO's guides and tours are SO much fun…even the second time.  I highly recommend them.

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