The BEST Storage Shelf For Your Ebay and Poshmark Business!

4 Tier Shelf Link

5 Tier Shelf Link (if you need more space) It’s only like $10 more

link to bins I use:

This metal storage shelf is perfect for my Ebay business and I bet it would work for you as well! This is a complete unboxing, assembly and review of the amazon basics metal storage shelf.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for watching!


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26 thoughts on “The BEST Storage Shelf For Your Ebay and Poshmark Business!

  1. I could watch people assemble stuff all day. I have the same shelf with the wheels on cause I love wheels! Mine is in my laundry room closet and organizes my shipping supplies. I love these much better than the plastic stationary type. I’m not judging but since you may need to access your electrical box if you had wheels on it’d be a snap! Just saying I love mobile furniture! Great tutorial and I get so tickled seeing you toss parts and instructions. I do the same,

  2. There are several videos on You tube, that sho we how to put these together. Look up Metro Shelving, Or How to assemble wire shelves. They make a great corner unit also. You can get these at Home Depot, Staples, and Lowes also. Different companies have different weight limits. Not all are Equal!!

  3. I worked in the Restaurant business for years. These shelves are used in every Restaurant. If you have a tall unit. (Like 5' or 6') Do not put the side polls together first. When you go to add the second shelf, you have to feed the shelf down over 4 feet, it is a pain to do it yourself. Use a rubber mallet, not a hammer, Some of the units are not so strong and will bend from a metal hammer.

  4. Put the wheels on Ebay. They are worth money, it costs extra to buy the "real" Metro shelving with wheels. Look at comps & list them.

  5. This was THE MOST HELPFUL video I've ever seen on youtube! I currently have 4 of these type shelving units waiting to be put together — and every time I attempt to assemble ONE, it all falls apart. Thank you for making this video and showing that the critical point is to fit the shelf over the black clamp thingies. Keep up the good work.

  6. I had a long multi shelf like that at my meat shop blocking the breaker box and it’s code for commercial and industrial spaces to have at least a 3ft clearance in front of those. So I had to find a new spot for my shelf. I don’t know about any residential codes but I would use that space like you did too. I just wanted to let anyone that has a public store to be aware of the codes. Great video.

  7. “Here’s the instructions, don’t need those” tosses it to the side typical man! 🤣🤣🤣
    Sporting my Scott’s Tots shirt today… what what!

  8. Was it yours or your wife's idea to cover your storage behind curtains? As a person that is triggered to high anxiety by visual clutter, that is TOTALLY something that I would do…I can relate! 🤣

  9. This style of shelving unit is my most desired and most used. They are so adaptable. The one you have with the screw posts looks to be one that can make 2 – 2 shelf units also. The shipping caps can be used for floor if wheels or leveling screws aren’t used. Multiple units can be connected together and extended in length by bridging some shelves between by using the posts or using shelf S clips. Thin hardboard (or cardboard) i use on shelves.

  10. Until……
    you trip a breaker at midnight…
    In the garage…
    And you don’t have a flashlight or your phone handy.
    😂😂😂 good review!

  11. I know you ,Lonnie & John like the uniformity of shelving but you guys are always going to amazon ,home depot etc. & paying up for new stuff(imho)…as a picker (even part time) I always try to get things as inexpensive as possible…I scored 8 used plastic (same dimensions as yours , holds eight totes of hats/t shirts per) shelving that suits my purposes just fine total cost was under fifty bucks..the mantra is always how can I get that stuff, CHEAP? it's fun… really like all your vids , as always, nicely done.

  12. Hmmm, Only if you had some wheels to help move the shelf so you can get to your fuse box. Hmmmmm……. Nothin but luv for ya!!

  13. That as so useful Josh! Thank you. I will buy one or two from your link. By the way, I will want to install wheels, do they just screw in the bottom? Or do they just replace those bottom caps? Also how wide is the unit, thanks a lot.

  14. DejaVu…I just put my fourth one together too! Unfortunately, the three I bought over the summer were longer and $39.99. I was disappointed to pay more than $50 for the shorter (width) this time…or maybe I should be grateful I got such a good deal on the first three. And yes, I'm sure it would have been comical to watch me put the first one together. I couldn't get those spacer things to click together (fully) around the pole…I didn't realize the shelves actually clicked/held them together. 🙄🙄

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