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Hello friends! For those of you who don’t know my name is Maria, and I sell clothing full time on the Poshmark app. I live in New York with my husband Alex and our son Luke. Hit the subscribe button to follow along with me and my family!  



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  1. I think for me the harshest reality is not having the amount of money and a normal lifestyle got with a real job. I have been selling online for a long time but I don't make the same amount of money that I would if I went to work anymore as I did when I started. It's just a supplemental income to keep the house going but if I found myself without my husband I wouldn't be able to make it on my own selling online. And because of my health issues is getting harder to find work and this reselling is hard work with long hours really only for you young kids

  2. Love this video new here to your Chanel. I have been selling on eBay and mercari love mercari Hate Postmark. It's just crickets on Posh, but when stuff sells it's a shock because it's items I never expected to sell. And I hate that they take 20% so I have to list items higher 😦

  3. The bins are definitely an animal in and of themselves. I've seen saws there, there was once a gun that went off at the bins. Things are we and gross. However, the profit outweighs the risks. The times I've been there where there's no issue is like 99% of the time.

  4. A couple of things which have caused me to reconsider this work, in addition to what you've said: In one year of doing this, the value of items has dropped drastically. Saturation. Secondly, physical considerations: standing on hard floors for hours, the dust and exposure to toxic fumes from dryer sheets and sanitizers, repetitive motion problems (shoulder inflammation from going through racks). One more thing has been attitudes from store employees who think I'm just a well-off white woman playing and making $$. It's annoying having to win your way into a good relationship with people. I'm always polite, friendly and helpful, don't make a mess and even pick stuff up.

  5. Has anyone tried the VarageSale app. Its name speak mostly for itself, its like a garage sale, in an app. I get some of my inventory from there. Its a lady who lives in my area who does lots for $5..I always scoop them up.

  6. Not having a boss; being your own boss, is also an advantage. Lots of good points in this video. Looking forward to more from you!

  7. Truth. I'm a dad, work regular job, reseller on FBA, mercari, posh. Some eBay but not much, not a fan. I didn't go sourcing the other morning and just say around. It was the first day in a couple months and it felt amazing. I think I will be better once it scales to where I can do it full time.

  8. Unsold inventory at goodwill doesn’t go to the landfill. It’s sold off in bulk, sent overseas to be used as textiles, etc. really the only stuff going in the trash is actual garbage.

  9. Luke's glasses are adorable! I agree with what you said about this job. As for the goodwill bins, I've seen glass, gross stains stuff like that, but if I ever see a needle that's it for me. I wear gloves, but I'm sure a needle could go through even leather gloves. UGH.

  10. Can you please do a video about how to sell on mercari and how it works so far as getting paid, shipping, returns, etc.? Thank you!

  11. Honey rags video was DISGUSTING about the new With Tags Vic Secrets underwear with thick discharge 🤮 this was a great video thanks again 😉👍

  12. Great video. You are right, most talk about the good stuff and don’t share the not so good part of being a reseller. No matter, I looove being a reseller.

  13. Thank you for talking about the tough stuff. All is reality!! But I still love my job as my own boss and reselling.. Great video! Love the glasses Luke😎

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