The only reason to get a Switch Lite: full review

The Nintendo Switch Lite may not actually “switch,” but if you’re not concerned about having a home console it’s a great way to get access to the platform’s ridiculously good library of games. By the end of this video, you will know if the Switch Lite, or the original Switch, is right for you.

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43 thoughts on “The only reason to get a Switch Lite: full review

  1. i can afford a switch but i already have a ps4 and want to try out handheld only so i’m getting the switch lite. also the fact that the lite is lighter (obviously) than the switch and i prefer something that doesn’t have loads of parts included xx

  2. I already have a normal Nintendo Switch and I love it both docking and portable, but I’m contemplating whether or not getting the Lite is worth it.

  3. i have both switch and switch lite

    i like playing on switch lite better, but i keep getting this nagging feeling that the big switch just have bigger, more screen space and just looks better/ more cinematic/ more immersion/ etc compared to the lite with the tiny screen that i have to put in front of my eyes

    yet i keep playing on lite anyway

  4. people get the lite cause they don’t wanna play nintendo games on the tv they wanna watch tv or netflix or whatever while they play games laying down on the couch or whatever

  5. I definitely want to get a switch lite, since I almost never dock the switch I have now, plus I can play more single player games, like splatoon with others in my household. The original switch just kinda sucks while holding it, since it hurts my arms after a while, so getting something like the switch lite would be amazing.

  6. Hi – Just looking into buying a Switch, but have loads of questions maybe you can , or anyone els can help with ?? Its a Christmas present , therefore I can't ask my husband. – Both my Husband and I enjoy playing games , I want to play Stardew Valley and my husband want to play someting els, but we also want to play against each other . 1) can you play Stardew valley and Dr Kawashima's Brain Training on a light ? , 2) do I have to buy 2 Nintendo Switch to play against each other ?. Thank you in advanced

  7. All the reviews for the lite have all been “lite vs switch” the real market for this is as a supplement to the switch. Especially for younger kids or if you don’t like the hassle of back and forth with the full size unit. I predict it will sell quite well. I’ll be buying one for me and one for my grandson

  8. I'm only interested in the Pokemon series so this was great for me not fully committed to a regular switch but still have the console requirement for shield and sword

  9. A Switch without switch-function…and it sells. Unbelievable. It´s like buying a car without wheels. Nintendo is very lucky that their fans are the most pathetic idiots on this planet

  10. I feel like it was always designed to have a switch without a dock…Just so it could be more cost effective….A $200 switch was guaranteed after last holiday sales

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