The Purpose of a Life Review After Death – S&L Short Clips

Is the life review something we need to be afraid of? Dr. Rose discusses how the life review is lovingly offered to help us progress.

In the full-length episode “What Happens Immediately After You Die” we go through five elements of what happens immediately after you die, based on Swedenborg’s firsthand account.

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23 thoughts on “The Purpose of a Life Review After Death – S&L Short Clips

  1. God loves little acts of kindness – thank goodness!  This I can do and I try to do these little acts of being kind, helpful, useful as often as I am able.  I try to help people now, make this a way of responding to people, and hopefully make up for all the times I was not skillful with how I reacted to others.  I am painfully aware of the blessing of being told how to act to please God and to do His will through a Swedenborgian lens because I recently was reminded of all the people who have ever lived here and what a very infinitesimally tiny number of us there have ever been.  I feel a special burden or responsibility to use this extraordinary blessing of being one of these to really try to "get it" and to put into use what I am being given.  His Kingdom come, His Will be done – my life's purpose.  And of course what a blessing it is to have the knowledge of His Purpose.  Of course I do realize that all the good people who have lived and do live for the love of God and for helping others are a church and are doing His Will too.  It's just so special to be given this special insight.  And I do know I will learn of all the ways I fell far short of doing good to God by doing the right thing by others.  After all I have lived a very long time (I will be 75 next Tuesday) – and I have only been learning the Truth of His Love for us and our gift of our freedom of choice for these last few years. I always feel a renewal of this blessing with every episode of OTLE – thank you so much! ❤️

  2. I think knowing we will have a life review is very useful because it can help us make good loving choices in our days here on the this level.

  3. We need to see this review while we are alive so we can make the necessary changes, I don’t know when it’s after death?

  4. Many people believe that the"life review" is unnecessary and is in fact created by "bad spirit beings" in an attempt to guilt you into returning to earth, in order to "make up" for the wrongs you've done and "learn and grow" by suffering and returning to earth. Another words they want you to continue to reincarnate and keep you from true spiritual growth in the spiritual world.

  5. Dr Rose you have no idea how much I admire your dedication to Swedenborg and the lord. Divine Blessings. 💕 🌸 💕 🌸 💕

  6. Once again thinking that there are shortcuts to life by believing in God???why don't you ever speak about the deeper parts of intelligence that swedenborgs talks about. Always dissecting everything with the intellect now matter how sharp. Dissecting everything can be valuable but also dangerous.for example if i dissect you I will know many things about you. But I will never really get to know you There are more deeper parts of the mind. It's also a because the English language has its limitations in this matter. Because there is only one word for the the yoga sutras the mind has 16 parts and those parts are further divided in smaller parts.the 4 main parts are called buddie is the intellect. Handkarra the identity that holds the buddie.mannas DNA or a huge bodyof memory.chitta the source of creation pure intelligence.This psychological drama with the intellect is just a small part of the memory that one carries within. It's only the tip of the iceberg… your idea's of God only come because you do not know? So you make it up. That there must be a big man in the sky. That's ok for children…but essentially because you do not know how the source of creation happened your are coming up with only needs to pay attention to life around you and you will see even a ante is a perfect creation. You will see the creator has put the exact same amount of attention to the creation of the ante as he has put into the creation of man. Going at it with this approach you will miss the hole point. There are so many different examples. You can't see the air that is around you because our visual apparatus is made in such a way that you can only see what stops light. Is that to say that you can live without it?no! Life reviews are a real thing. But it is given way to much attention. That wich one can't see with your 5 senses is extraordinary knowledge.

    Great video though!

  8. I briefly saw someone in the afterlife I knew personally here in this world. She passed away in 2011. She said one thing to me and it was “it’s important to be good Tim” then she just faded away.

  9. I agree with Dr. Rose. I feel as long as we have guidance and are taught goodness and truth, we can progress. But there seems to be a limitation here in the world. I wish for what is good and right, but arm always limited by the human condition. I knew what I wanted but just didn’t know how to go about getting or experiencing it. What chance I didn’t have here , I will have in the spiritual world. I suppose we will all find out when we pass on . 👍🏻😃💕

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