41 thoughts on “The Rise of JORDAN PETERSON? Review & Retrospection | Ep 92

  1. You can't fix stupid, This man got me up after hitting rock bottom in my life.. taking on my life and take responsibility, i had nothing left in the wake of bankrupty, now i have well paid job, managing potition, started 2 businesses, got myself a top notch condo and handling it like a boss, and it is thanks to this man

  2. Have you all ever heard the cliche "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater"? He has good points and not so good points. Keep what's good and ditch what you can't use. That's simple.

  3. My opinion has changed. I took others words as truth and thought he was a bigot and a sexist. Then he came up few times as suggested along side my life improvement videos and I was annoyed and confused as to why so much that I finally watched one. And another. Then several. And sometimes several a day. So, ya, I'd say that's a change…

  4. Pro-trans individuals have lost the intellectual and social arguments, and have only the political recourse to now pursue. The radical left (I myself and a moderate left when appropriate, moderate right when appropriate) is in the process of consuming itself, and since their extreme arguments have no valid basis of facts, they'll soon fall apart. Just wait.

  5. Thoughts on films about Bundy and Hitler:

    We can all agree that those people are monsters, so it's okay to watch them. JP, on the other hand, doesn't fit that category AT ALL. It leads me to think that the LEFT does not want opposing views to be shown because they're afraid of losing ground, perhaps?

  6. Jordan Peterson is my personal hero. I don't care what they say about him. I am old enough to know that he is real and is inspirational. I'm old enough not to idolize a person. But I have, a deep and profound respect for him. Those disappointed in him have their own agendas. They should leave him alone.

  7. I have been following Peterson for a couple years now, and along with that I’ve also come to the realization he’s just a man like you Lauren. I’ve heard from all his detractors, both informed and ill informed on him. From people saying mild back handed compliments like “he’s just well-spoken, that’s it” to “he’s an alt-right spokesman”, people who dislike him either tend to have listened to his cherry-picked sound bites to make him look worse without context or they’re former fans looking for reasons (of which there may be quite a few for everyone) and once they find those reasons, they’ll regard him as pedestrian which I find is pretty odd. There’s no doubt the man is very intelligent. At the same, like you said Lauren, Jordan is just a man. People, especially fan boys, put him on a pedestal where any slip up he makes, will cost him. But if you’re looking for someone who is well-read, genuinely well-intentioned, realistic about life’s constraints, thoughtful and wants society to do better, then JP is the man.

  8. Subscribed. Thanks for spreading this message. People form opinions so quickly based on skewed reports of Peterson. He helped me find direction in life and for that I'm grateful.

  9. sounds like a bunch of pc fake gullible weak indoctrinated libtaaaard commie cunts need to get fucked up.  whats the problem this time F A K E R S ?      "snowflakes!" has'nt been bettered as yet

  10. Jordan Peterson is easily the most important Canadian public intellectual since Marshall McLuhan. His rise, particularly since the controversy over his resistance to the legally unprecedented compelled speech legislation over gender pronouns, has been meteoric. Consequently, much of the criticism directed at him is professional jealousy. The aforementioned Marshall McLuhan, who was also a U of T professor, was likewise unfairly criticized due to similar petty jealously in his time. I also agree with Ms. Chen that the unrealistic expectations surrounding Mr. Peterson also factor significantly into much of the criticism directed his way.

  11. Einstein knew exactly what to say about "clean desk" policies, so I will tell Peterson the same thing about my room.
    Now, putting some truth in your statement doesn't make your statement true, so be careful when your base your convictions solely on those statements.
    And by the way, liberalism was originally a leftist current. So when he attacks "leftists" (and saying at the same time that he does not do politics), don't be fooled. He's good at pretending….

  12. Lauren, there was something about this video of yours that seemed to reveal more of who you are as a person, than the many others of yours I have watched in the past. I've always respected your clarity of thought, and the intelligent way that you express yourself, yet it is in this video that I feel I've connected with your humanity. Maybe the fact that, like many people, and yourself, I have been inspired and moved by JPs courage, intellect, and ability to authentically deal with his journey as the flawed human being that he is, fully aware that at some point the baying hounds may find a moment of weakness, and tear him to pieces, allows me that connection with you.. I'm not sure. In any case, thank you for sharing your experience so openly and honestly.

  13. I started watching Jordan Peterson two years ago and now I have two years sober, my own business, financial security, a truthful relationship with my spouse, a clean room, and my kids have a healthy, stable mother. My life is a testament to JBP’s ethics.

  14. I started this youtube channel thanks to him, and strated 'cleaning my room', started reading more, procastrinating less … and I hope and pray to be a dad in the near future. I hope you guys find your way and I hope you find the strength to work hard every day for a better future.

  15. The vile hatred for Jordon Peterson from the democrats leaning far left really stems from his basic message, which contradicts everything in their world view. "Take on some responsibility for yourself", "pick up your suffering and bare it". I believe the far lefts view is in exact opposition of these two basic ideas. Of course they would hate anyone telling the world that the way forward is to roll up your sleeve's and get to work. They seem to be advocating exactly the opposite of this, and "That's just a bad strategy"J.P.P.

  16. A few leftist artsy theaters decided not to play his movie, big deal.

    What is this 1987? there are a million other venues and mediums in which to see this documentary. Stop feeding the hype, be indifferent at the actions of the declining lefty fringe.

  17. Lets see I voted for Obama twice, for Hilary once and have always been attacked by right wingers for my atheist and vaguely liberal views, and I have read Dr Peterson's book thoroughly – it is nothing but factual and truthful. The feminist / deconstructionist delusion while on occasion being useful as a sociological analytical tool can never be an ideology to conduct one's life on. I will never use "gender pronouns" and a "trans-gender" man in a dress and make up – is still a xy chromosome man. Wishful thinking can never trump biological reality – it will always end in tears.

    Who would not like to be alive Jordan Peterson?
    Thank you for supporting him!

  19. This weekend I plan on watching "The Rise of Jordan Peterson". I have really enjoyed the thoughtful and logical Jordan Peterson. I have bought the Self-Authoring program and have begun working on it. So far I have started with the past and have not finished it yet because of all the self reflection of my past. I have always been a bird on the fence of situations. To put myself in the shoes of both sides. I think Jordan Peterson message to others is significant as to have people better the person they see in the mirror. To ask yourself the questions and take the time to figure out how you think and why is it you think the way you do. Self reflection and self decision and selfishness is something I think Jordan Peterson message has become so popular.

  20. IT's not SO MUCH backlash, it's just a couple of noisy, confused, brainwashed, teenagers that have not got a decent education at home, so they don't know how to deal with life as it is; and some entrepreneurs that don't have the balls to deal with the situation properly, because they have a business to protect. . And, giving this sort of echo to the matter, does JP NO justice. or maybe it does, the hell I know?

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