This 4K HDR monitor has been the video production king for over a year…

Dell UP2718Q Review – This monitor has been the number 1 for 4K HDR use (under ~$2000) for over a year now and as I venture forth with two of them in 2019, it’s still possibly the best.

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[Disclosure: First monitor unit was purchased 100% by me, secondary unit was provided for review by Dell. This video is not sponsored.]

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31 thoughts on “This 4K HDR monitor has been the video production king for over a year…

  1. Been using this for the last 13 months as well and it's honestly incredible how much value I get out of this thing. The level of detail and color is truly crazy good

  2. Thanks! I’ve been struggling between PA32UC and this monitor and won’t trust other big reviewers that seems everything is good buy. You press my button concerning halo effects, can’t imagine monitor at this price have this cheap monitor problem… Now I know what to get for a few years unless having the needs going for Apple XDR…

  3. Did you ever consider the BenQ PD2720U or PD3220U ones? And apart from the potential vignetting of 32".. how is the readability in W10 on 27"?

  4. 'We' originally bought large, expensive 'high quality' monitors for room displays. In retrospect all we needed was a cheap big screen TV because it was used to convey information and 'video instruction' to people – not video production in our case. As we've seen if you are a gamer fps, latency and refresh time is important. For video production screens like what you've shown above. Most attempts to make a monitor that meets everyone s needs leads to disappointments.

  5. You videos look a lot nicer now, but just a personal opinion, so excuse me please.

    Those bad transitions and effects suck. It makes it look like someone got a video editor for the first time. I'm talking about the colorful intros, and in general. I like the new camera angle and lighting though

  6. Glad to finally see your monitor woes are over. One thing I would like to see is modern 240Hz monitor reviews from you, such as the ones made by ViewSonic and BenQ. Just sounds like something I would enjoy watching. Great video as always!

  7. 5:15 – On DELL monitors that enables pixel overdrive to help "eliminate" ghosting. I've found it only creates more artifacts and instead of ghosts, there's usually extra highlighting of the ghosted pixel due to overdrive.

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