15 thoughts on “Thrift Haul….. Thrifting for Profit, selling on eBay

  1. Hey thanks so much for these videos. I have learned a lot from them! Since you do a lot of international shipping, I'm wondering if you ever have to get a "certificate of disinfection" and how you would go about that. I sold a shirt to a buyer in Costa Rica, and when I checked the postal restrictions, it says that one is required for shipping used clothing to that country. Any tips on this? Thanks for any info you have!

  2. Another great vid Ronnie and nice thing to look forward to traveling on the RV and exploring USA ! As a kid we drove every Summer from Seattle to Madison and Upson, WI to visit family….lots of awesome experiences !!! I found some new Puma Roma Men's Shoes today and also my dad's College back in the day University of Wisconsin Badger's Baseball Cap….trying to do more hardware goods and electronics because of slower clothing sales . Corie

  3. Hey Ronnie, I saw that video on your tinkering with existing listings. I have been following Pete's end and sell similar for the past 4 days. Im getting more sales. So I'm gonna stick with that for now for sure. I'm doing 2% promotion too.

  4. I've been watching a lot of RV videos, right now on CheapRVLiving. Theoretically I was thinking you could RV really cheaply (or van it if you're single) and pick stuff up as you go and resell to support yourself, probably mainly through Amazon so you could ship stuff in and not have to store it, or a few high ticket items thru ebay. I get the feeling this is a trend right now, or maybe I'm just getting older.

  5. I'm learning so much from you! Thank you! The prices you will set for the items is most important to me. Are doing the end and sell similar as Pete suggested in good to cancelled video?

  6. Thanks for all the great videos, Ronnie!
    You might consider closing the drapes behind you so that your camera doesn't struggle with the competing back light. It will help with the autofocus also.

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