Timo Boll vs Maharu Yoshimura | 2019 ITTF Hong Kong Open Highlights (R16)

Review all the highlights from the Timo Boll vs Maharu Yoshimura the Seamaster 2019 ITTF World Tour, Hang Seng Hong Kong Open.

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36 thoughts on “Timo Boll vs Maharu Yoshimura | 2019 ITTF Hong Kong Open Highlights (R16)

  1. Best thing about Timo: his guts. The guy just NEVER gives up. What a model of determination and competitiveness. He makes adjustments and just focuses on winning. Awesome fighting spirit!

  2. まはるどうした、急激にレベルアップしてる。昔の全日本制覇した時の前でのアグレッシブな攻撃を思い出させるような展開は見ててすごく懐かしい気分になった!!!前半4セット本当にすごい3-1になってしまったものの4-0で勝ててたかもしれないレベルの内容。落としたセットは4-0で勝つ気で10-9でタイムアウト取るのも手だったかも。まあこれは結果論だけど。オリンピック前にここまで調子上げられると本当にメンバー悩むね。ダブルとかのことも考えると特に

  3. 이시합 촬영한 사람 누구입니까.
    탁알못인가 위에서 보여주면 스윙궤도도 안보이고 보기 제일 불편한 구도로 올렸네

  4. That was one of the best matches I have seen in a long time. I almost didn’t watch it because I thought, ‘Boll vs Yoshimura – nah; Boll always wins against him so it’s going to be boring’ – but flippin’ heck, Yoshimura was on fire!! I seriously thought Boll was going to lose, and when he came back and won it was a hard-fought and exciting ‘come-from-behind’ victory. Man… Even though Yoshimura lost, it could have gone either way – so the next time those two guys face off I think it will be even better, because Yoshimura’s confidence has got to be rising after that match…!

  5. what a sensational match O_o the pure force in Yoshimuras strokes is insane, never saw him play that well 😀 But Timo is just a mentally strong opponent, never surrenders ! WP both!

  6. 編集nice!

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