Tomokazu Harimoto vs Jon Persson | 2019 ITTF Hong Kong Open Highlights (R32)

Review all the highlights from the Tomokazu Harimoto vs Jon Persson the Seamaster 2019 ITTF World Tour, Hang Seng Hong Kong Open.

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40 thoughts on “Tomokazu Harimoto vs Jon Persson | 2019 ITTF Hong Kong Open Highlights (R32)

  1. Как же раздражают эти крики харимото… Это же чистая дезмораль противника…

  2. I really liked the fact, that Harimoto didn‘t scream after the net ball in the fifth set to get him 12:11 in front. 🙌

    I mean I also don‘t like the screaming, but as he does it to push himself and not with the imtention to confuse his opponent I think it is okay.
    And you must refer that he is a 15 year old playing that good is absolutely insane🙌

  3. It’s just an absolute luck for Harimoto to win the match. Person played very well in terms of the technique. He could have won the match desperately if he had fewer mistakes.

  4. Jon did well in the beginning but then it's like this guy got possessed by Truls. Goodness, the Sweden team needs some meditation classes.

  5. This is one of the Harimoto's favorite plays styles, he is credibly good at it, and you would'nt want to play against him were he is more comfortable and confident. Changing the pace would've been game changing, especially when you have 2 set lead. Must not let temper consume you, otherwise you go down.

  6. Jon should've won this. For starters, ITTF needs to change the rule in that no one player should be allowed to scream like this kid. Screaming like you're demon possessed should be banned! Ridiculously annoying and distracting.

  7. โตคือร้ายกาจแท้วะฮาริโมโตะ ตามอยู่ศูนย์ต่อสองเซ็ต แซงทีเดียวสี่เซ็ทรวดเลย เยี่ยมๆ

  8. Jon s performance is top class! Congrats Horimoto. I believe now Sweden has so much talent. Thank U for the legendary couch there.

  9. It seems that people have found an effective way to encounter Screamotor. I was watching Lgy match and I can hear his scream at the beginning of the match. Then suddenly mute. During the 3 game I sneak at Screamotor and he was down by 2 games. No wonder I can't hear any scream. At least can watch LGY game peacefully. But after the 5th game, the scream came back again. You don't have to watch and you already know who wins the point. But it is necessary to scream as hard as you can???

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