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Top 10 Final Fantasy Games? With each of these JRPG games so unique, it’s hard for me to pick my best Final Fantasy games.


Before we start off this, again I’d like to say that this list is my opinion and not an official world ranking. Having fun, playing games, and putting my two-cents on it is what I do. Anyways, this list does not include any spin off titles or MMO’s. From Final Fantasy VIII to Final Fantasy III DS edition, lots of roman numerals to go through on the biggest JRPG series of all time.

Now these are MY Top 10 Final Fantasy Games, I’d love to hear what your’s are.

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There’s my Top 10 best Final Fantasy games. If you want to see more Top 10 videos and my video game reviews, check out my channel below:


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31 thoughts on “Top 10 Final Fantasy Games | The Completionist

  1. I can understand J liking 6 better than 7, but 7's sound track is definitely better than 6's. 7 was also my first, so kinda follows his rule of the first being your favorite.

  2. People loved FF-X and that was a how they say hallway. But hate FF-XIII… for that reason. I get why people dislike it for the other reasons you given… but still.

  3. When I think Final Fantasy VIII I think "Cloud huh is that because you rain on everyone's parade, No those are Squalls and no one likes those"

  4. All I know is I started with my older brothers Final Fantasy adventure on Gameboy age 5
    Then I moved up to FF 8’s demo.
    THEN FINALLY, I had Final Fantasy X. My first full experience

  5. So apparently people don't like world-building? That's kind of a dumb complaint if you ask me. I love world-building in games. Just pay attention and the lore will add to the game and make it more immersive.

  6. I feel completely the same about FFIX. It's one of my favorite FF's, I love all the characters dearly, and the art and music is so wonderful in that game… but I still haven't beat it. Also I'll hand it to you FFVI's Dancing Mad song is pure hype.

  7. I’m just now playing all of these for the first time. I got the Super Nintendo classic and I’ve been playing ff6 for the first time. And I bought ff8 remastered on PS4 and I’ve been addicted to both of them. Next I’m getting ff12 on PS4 and ffx and X-2. Excited to try them all out.

  8. The 7th is the best, he have the best starting, Sephiroth is the best villain of Final Fantasy, the best ost (but it's relative, the FFVI OST is very good to) and he is the only FF with very engaged scenario. I respect everyone's taste, and you can prefer the one you want but that does not change that fact. Final Fantasy VI is a excellent game but kefka is not very developed (he's mean because he's mean) and the scenario remains fairly classic, cordially.

  9. Hey to each their own opinion, but I respectfully disagree with quite a few selections. My 5th and 6th spots are an extremely tight race between 4 and 10. Personally I love ff8 and put it in my 4th spot. 10 years ago I couldn’t really get grabbed into the story. Now when I played it I absolutely loved the story/romance and how relatable squall was. I firmly put 9 in my 3 spot, I loved the characters by and large, although I feel Zidane is only an average to above average protagonist. I really love how each character has that world shattering moment that builds or redefines their character. 7 is my favorite, point blank, it’s the only one I’ve completed what more than 5 times. 6 I put in my 2 spot but I need to play it again to get absorbed into the story, the same way I gave 8 an honest shot(it’s simply not fresh in my mind). Regrettably I haven’t played 12, 3,5 but 12 is next on my list. I would agree first played is favorite, cuz my first experience was 7, just watching my sister and cousin play it a bit, but the first I beat was 4 and I hold a strong bias my best friend strongly disagrees with me about that I even consider it better than 10. (His first ff was 10 and he rates it third best after 6,7)

  10. Well someones gonna wanna kill me for this.

    I hate turn based combat so having a winner with the only entry I've played is an easy choice.

    15 is my favourite. Easily.
    And it's DLC.

  11. I've finished every (non-MMO) Final Fantasy from the original to XV. I must admit that you're right: VII was my first and will always be my favorite.

    Objectively speaking though, VI, IX, and X are all amongst the strongest in the series while I, IV, V, VIII, XII, XIII-2, and XV are flawed but still quite good.

    Honestly the only games I didn't fall in love with were: II, III, X-2, XIII, and XIII-3. Though I did play and enjoy them in different ways.

  12. Fuuuuck what all the retarded people think… the world is 85% assholes… DONT ever say you are sorry for the content you put up… if people have a problem with it…. fuck em…

  13. 9 has and always will be my favorite. Zidane is from another planet and has a tail. He's a saiyan. At least is my mind, he is! lol. Also played through it three times with different friends so it has so many memories I hold close to me. 7 and 10 are awesome too!

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