Top 10 Final Fantasy Video Games

It’s time we take a look back to the video game franchise that immersed us into the world, or worlds of Chocobos, Airships, and spiky-haired guys with enormous swords. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Final Fantasy Games. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at 🙂

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42 thoughts on “Top 10 Final Fantasy Video Games

  1. I have a friend at my job who literally complained about the original magic system describing it as mistranslated to which I said "cure 1, cure 2 etc. what's so hard or mistranslated about that seems as clear as day to me" but I do sympathize for the developers greatly as you can clearly see in some of the games they truly didn't have the time or the money to put in full translation but thank god, yevon and ivalice the stories don't suffer for it unless you literally make the translations the problem yourself which in my opinion is literally just plain stupid and should as you guys said in another video laughed at instead because it is indeed humorous but as I said for sympathetic reasons

  2. What's interresting, is that all the best ones are turn based and now they consider it "old school" and avoid it… Go figure!


  4. in my opioni the three best final fantsy was final fantsy 7 5 and 9 as they all improved oppino all of there anstestors

  5. I bought FF7 new and didn’t stop playing it for 2 years. I was obsessed. Oddly, it’s the only FF game I’ve ever played since.

    So, therefore its my favorite. It was the biggest jump from “2d/3D” 16 bit graphics to full 3D 32 bit on the PS.

  6. My All Time Favorites =
    #1. Final Fantasy Tactics
    #2. Final Fantasy VII
    #3. Final Fantasy XI
    #4. Final Fantasy IV
    #5. Final Fantasy VI
    #6. Final Fantasy XII IZJS
    #7. Final Fantasy VIII
    #8. Final Fantasy V
    #9. Final Fantasy X
    #10. Final Fantasy III

  7. There should be a video about the bias we get from the first game played in the series. I first played ff10, then played ff7 and others. I like ff10 more even if I admit ff7 is a better game(more suspense and fun). Same for my MTGS, I first played MTGS2 I like it more than rest, even I 4 is a better game. The age, the feeling, all impact our memories of the game.

  8. Which emulators can I download for VI on Android? I only played VII, X and Xll on console and enjoyed the shit outta those games

  9. Narrator:I can only use the best game from each franchise
    Narrator:At number 2 ff7
    Narrator: honourable mentions : crisis core

    This channel is a joke

  10. FF7 is so overhyped . It isn't the best in the series . Nobody can give actual good reasons why they think it's the best.

  11. Tactics is a wonderful game. One of the only games I have played over from the beginning more times than I can count.

  12. no doubt ff6 is the best, ff8 was weird but guided me to one of the best ff game i ever played and it left a mark in my heart. ff9 was one of the most beautiful ff game i played during that time era and then came ff10, even more tech advance and a good love story. i never finished playing ff13. i found the plot over twisted and complicated and the gameplay got me bored along the way.

  13. The top 2 are correct. 6 IS better than 7. And I only played 6 because I enjoyed 7, 7 was my first FF game.

    The first half of 6 was slow, but the moment the world turned upside down the game just went full throttle.
    Kefka destroyed everything, and you had to fight your way through regaining your party members one at a time in the ruined world. There was a sense of urgency.

    7 is good, but aside from a few moments here and there it was a cakewalk. People probably remember 7 more because it was in the Playstation, but if you put the stories side by side, 6 had a far more engaging one than 7. You had so much time in 7 for random minigames for god's sake.

  14. Can't believe FF8 is anywhere on this list, that game was atrocious. FF4 should be much higher, and FF12 near the bottom.

  15. I do not understand where the huge amount of dislikes are coming from. Are people actually filled with so much salt about Final Fantasy VII not being #1? Like, grow up folks.
    Little backstory: Final Fantasy VII for me was the first Final Fantasy game I played in the series. Sure, the Materia system was amazing as all Hell due to its versatile nature and I was salty AF when Aerith got penetrated by Sephiroth's sword, but come on. FF VII the best game in the series? For me, it's only number 5 (a split between IX and VII, but I liked IX better due to its musical score and the game actually pulling me into the stories of all characters) My top 3 are: 1: FF VI. That game was and still is the best friggin' masterpiece of a game because guess what? The villain actually wins at some point. (wrecking the planet like that, becoming an actual friggin' God of that world! Poisoning a whole damn kingdom. There was actual "character development" which is something I find lacking in Final Fantasy VII. 2: FF VIII. Running this game at the lowest levels possible until a certain point and then power levelling your characters because you wanna see how you can optimise them so that you can use your best Magics for actual usage instead. Yeah, this game was and still is surprisingly tactical. The cast is colourful and Squall…man, Squall is such a relatable character to me. Amazing game! 3: FF IV: Both in retrospec and the 3D remakes with the voice acting. This game is a gem to behold. Lovely cast, Cecil's path to redemption, Rydia's scream "I hate you!!" (shiver me timbers!) Kain being a douche and of course Golbez being Cecil's brother. The plot twists and character 'deaths' were saddening yet it caused you to adapt your playstyle on the fly.
    Long story short: Quit hating, haters and accept that FF VII just ain't that big of a deal. Is it good? Yes. The best? Not by a long shot.

  16. Final Fantasy V is a Top 3 game! Also, Final Fantasy III (especially the remasters and ports) is like this:

    Imagine a hot chick tying you to the bed, promising to do lots of hot and kinky things to you, also to ride you until your dick is cramped and sore… only to purposefully take a diarrhea shit all over you. It looks and sounds promising at face-value… but then it turns into a total fucking mess.

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