TOP 15 EBAY TIPS FOR 2019 (How I’m Making Good Money Selling Items on eBay)

I’m making good #money #selling items on #eBay in 2019, and with a brand new eBay account. Today’s video highlights my top 15 tips for achieving success and earning extra money while selling on eBay in 2019. Right now, money is a little tight due to the huge amount of unexpected home repairs/projects this year. So, my funds for investing are lower than normal. I’m excited to earn a little extra money on eBay to amplify the money I have available to invest in the stock market.

Here are my top 15 eBay selling tips discussed in today’s video:
1) If you have a new account, clearly explain in the description why your account is new and take all steps necessary to instill confidence in the buyer.
2) Understand the value of your time and implement the concept of leverage (on time). For example, I will only sell items on eBay if I can earn $100 or more (typically).
3) Take incredibly detailed photos and max out all 12 photos.
4) Make sure your item comes with all original “stuff” such as shoeboxes, booklets, receipts, extras, and more. Make it clear in the description that you have all the extra items. This could be a real differentiator.
5) Create a catchy title that stands out and implement all caps.
6) Create a low starting bid auction to drum up competition.
7) Resist “buy now” offers, the auction will almost always extract the most value for your item.
8) Craft an incredibly detailed description. This is where the real money is made, in my opinion!
9) Make it very clear that no returns are accepted. Make sure your listing is so detailed that the buyer could not possibly have any confusion.
10) Take extra effort to promptly ship. Ask the buyer (via a packing slip) to leave you positive feedback, and make sure you indicate you will do the same in return.
11) Spend time researching your niche.
12) Sell only a few items at a time to manage your time and constrain supply.
13) Pay extra for shipping (USPS Priority) to delight your buyers.
14) Save your proceeds right away. Don’t squander your earnings. Turn this money into something good (savings or even an investment in dividend paying stocks).
15) Don’t buy this stuff to being with! I have learned my lesson.

DISCLOSURE: I am long 3M (MMM). I own this stocks in my stock portfolio.

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36 thoughts on “TOP 15 EBAY TIPS FOR 2019 (How I’m Making Good Money Selling Items on eBay)

  1. Lots of useful information here, thanks! The tip about providing a detailed description and a lot of photos is a great one. I've recently been looking at some vintage watches on eBay and watched some videos specific to buying them there. It's amazing how many people try to sell expensive watches worth $1000+ with a few grainy pictures and a poor description. Someone with little or no feedback to their name is a red flag as well. Overcoming this hurdle is important for new sellers. One small suggestion for your videos would be to record in a room with less of an echo or otherwise position the mic closer to you.

  2. Nice video. Can you please show me how to add video to Ebay listing, not from YouTube link but directly. I have screenshot of other sellers doing it.

  3. My item specifics have been taken off my listing three times in one week>…….this is why our items don’t sell. Everyone check your items for sale. They put you at the bottom so the big companies can make all the money. WE PAY FOR THESE LISTINGS. NOW HOW IS THIS RIGHT???:

  4. Hi Ian,
    Cool video, some good tips in it. Thanks.
    I am writing because I have been going up and down different channels, articles and forums looking to find information about what platform to use to buy and manage stocks. I am stuck at this point for a few months now and I am really having trouble to find / select / identify the right way to buy stocks as an investment and not as an active trader, which looks to be what the trade platforms I came across have preference for (which I understand why).
    If you have time to give some tips or even real world suggestions I would be very thankful.
    All the best.

  5. Thanks for the great tips Ian! These are gems! We've actually just started selling on ebay to de-clutter and really appreciate this video!

  6. This is great! A lot of people don't leverage other platforms too. I've had a lot of success on Facebook Marketplace as well to sell items! Best part is not having to deal with shipping.

  7. Ian, great video. I’ve used Craigslist before but never Ebay. Makes me want to try selling on eBay! Thanks as always for your videos.

  8. Great change of pace. A video on some favorite non-dividend stocks you like would be awesome for us who also invest for capital appreciation. Nearly all are overvalued right now, but at some point, non-dividend growth stocks may become an attractive buy again. That, or a collab with another investing channel would be great.

  9. Would love to see a vid on how to sell And ship on eBay. Which boxes to use, shipping labels, etc.
    Could you film the packaging and shipping label process please.
    Do you get paid by PayPal or do you have your checking accountant linked
    Several eBay vids would be great.
    Wondering if you do any retail arbitrage or amazon fba. You would be great at it
    Would love to see examples of your descriptions as well
    Checkout channels ralliroots ,rise and grind picker, bearded picker ,lavar aveonce, and fatman the flipper.

    All great eBay amazon sellers.

  10. Another great video Ian 🙂 I used to be an ebayer, did a little buying and reselling from eBay and estate/garage sales. Was pretty fun! But very time consuming.

  11. I sell iPhone chargers on eBay! I wish Ebay fees were lower. What I like about Ebay is that it isn't rigged against sellers like Amazon is. The downfall is that Ebay fees are high! Regardless their are massive opportunities to be had. Another way to make good money a couple hundred here and there is to flip college textbooks! ESPECIALLY math textbooks (Calc 1) you can look up the ISBN numbers at colleges to find which classes are using which text book. Good way to make some extra money! Great video!

  12. Another great video! Love the channel, keep up the great work!! I'm inspired, I think I'll try to sell something before the end of the week!

  13. I haven't heard anyone say inactivated so many times, thought it was only used in a scientific context. More used to hearing "deactivated" when referring to account closures. Anyways, fantastic video as always!

  14. Good info ian i am pleased with your channel smart investor and seller wtg.thanks for inspiring me.ive got 2 much to peace

  15. eBay was an amazing place in the early days. Before the big stores piled into the space to undercut, to have massive feedback, to have eBay selling tiers which give huge fee cuts to the big stores etc. after the eBay fees, PayPal fees, and shipping fees, eBay profits are harder to come by. Free shipping is pretty much the standard now. It’s great to sell old crap around the home, but buying goods and reselling is difficult these days. It surely can be done, just not as easily as it was in the past

  16. Refreshing to hear a good story with ebay! I have a horror story turn positive. My mom sold a camera for $500 on eBay and shipped it out with signature required (she had to leave the USA on a medical leave of emergency). We didn't put in the tracking number and the buyer disputed the transaction (which got them their money back AND our item), even though there was proof of delivery to the address. eBay asked us for medical records so they could help us get our money back into our account. After providing proof, ebay immediately sided with the buyer again for absolutely no reason. Despite numerous phone calls, I was ultimately told "use this as a learning experience, it's just business" (my mom's account is nearly 10 years old now with several hundred transactions and 100% positive feedback, meanwhile the buyer had just ONE feedback). What got everything turned around was me shouting about this story on twitter and their social media team took care of it. Crazy how it takes a public outcry for things to go right. Lesson learned – be careful!

  17. You’ve been selling a lot on eBay I’ve been buying a lot on eBay. I’m starting my RV trip for the next 4 1/2 months on the road. Then going back home to the philippines 🇵🇭

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