TRANSFORMERS EBAY mystery box figure review 307

Join John Today as i open a mystery bix. Cool figure’s. Transformers are taking me over, I think it was worth it. I hope you stay to see my photos.


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5 thoughts on “TRANSFORMERS EBAY mystery box figure review 307

  1. I know the guy you got this from hehehe
    Slag is called Slug now cause slag is a insult according to ones in UK
    Gobot truck is Long Haul
    pickup is Small Foot A female Gobot
    insect is Vamp female Renegade
    helicopter is a Wendy's toy called Breez & there were 6 in total & came in the Wendy's Kid's Meal
    I only missing the police car for Puzzler

  2. Great box from Evil bay. I have plenty to say but don't wanna write a page on it. So about the transformers I'll say this mu but gobots really don't have anything,don't know much about them. The MP Skywarp is slightly mistransformed. The Whirl is the same and really doesn't need much to finish it. Goldbug is from around the 88' – ish transformers line. Powerglide is from Titans return. If you like to know abit more would have to message another way besides here in comments.

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