Trên đỉnh Hòn Me | NATURE OF MEKONG #1

Cũng nằm trong quần thể khu di tích Ba Hòn, Trung tâm phát sóng truyền hình quốc gia và địa phương trên đỉnh Hòn Me cũng là một trong những địa điểm hấp dẫn với độ cao khoảng 200m so với mặt nước biển.
Khi lên đỉnh Hòn Me du khách có thể ngắm nhìn bao quát khung cảnh xứ hòn nên thơ, nơi có ruộng đồng xanh tốt, núi non hùng vĩ và tận hưởng không khí mát mẽ được thổi vào từ biển cả.
Not coincidentally, Hon Dat district is called the land of three islands: Hon Dat, Hon Me and Hon Queo, located close together on the mainland near the coast. Today, Hon Dat relic is not only an attractive tourist destination because of the cave system, but also contains pride in the patriotic tradition and cultural values of the people in the Southwest region of the country.
The Mekong Delta or the Southwest region with 9 alluvial branches like Nine Dragons winding makes so many interesting things. Coming to the Southern region, tourists will have the opportunity to visit and learn the characteristics of the water area: immense fields, “storks flying in the wings”, interlaced canals, floating markets, luxuriant orchards. the four seasons … and the generous, welcoming people. There are many interesting things in the West that only when participating in the Western Tour departs daily
Your trip to the Mekong Delta won’t be complete if you don’t sit yourself down on a narrow boat (called a “sampan”) and paddle your way down the river under fronds of trees lining both sides, while making numerous stops along the river at homes of those selling dried fruits or candy.


– Transportation with Air conditioned minivan
– English speaking tour guide
– Boat rides
– Honey tea, tropical fruits, coconut candy
– Lunch
– Traditional music performance


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