Ultra-Long Haul Flight: UNITED Economy Plus Review (San Francisco SFO to Singapore SIN)

What’s the longest flight you’ve ever been on? Let us know in the comments!!!

We took a 16 hour and 20 minute flight in United’s Economy Plus. How much does the upgrade cost? How is the food? How is the legroom? How is the bathroom? HOW ARE THE MOVIES???

All these questions answered as we endure one of the longest flights offered anywhere in the world!

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Flying United Economy Plus from San Francisco to Singapore made a big difference (in our opinion) on this ultra-long haul flight! This video should give you a great idea of how United Economy Plus is and also how a 16-hour flight from San Francisco to Singapore is in general.

source: https://noviway.com

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19 thoughts on “Ultra-Long Haul Flight: UNITED Economy Plus Review (San Francisco SFO to Singapore SIN)

  1. Excellent video! Gets straight to the point and gives you a lot of information in such a short amount of time. Going to be taking this exact flight and now I know exactly what to expect and best options to choose. Thank you again!

  2. Thanks for sharing your trip… United Economy Plus is even better if you get lucky and no one is sitting in the middle seat or your entire row. Lots of time if you fly through PEK on United to your final destination you can get many empty seats (try IAD to PEK and back — UA807/UA808). I agree, bring your own snacks. The portion size of their meals are meant for a 76-year-old man or 12-year old girl. Another plus about United is that they keep the plane very cold, a plus if you're a human volcano like me… and get hot constantly. If you're really polite to the flight attendants you can get "seconds" during meal service.

  3. Nice video! You guys are too cute. 787 and economy are two dirty words and when you add ultra-long haul, it's downright scary… Glad you guys were so positive throughout.

  4. Yayyyy this is such an awesome video since no a lot of people film from sfo to their destination and this is a flight vidoe so woohoo. And yes the snacks always bringing snack since gonna be missing the snacks

  5. I got on the same flight last December 😁 OMG super long-haul and narrow seat… Luckily my return trip was from Hong Kong and only 12 hours.

  6. Thank you for sharing your Economy Plus experience. I hope you will do some top eats videos in Singapore! Have lots of fun on your vacation 😀

  7. I generally choose the aisle seat so you can stretch into the aisle for extra leg room. red eye flights arent bad either, on a 12+ hour flight i had the whole row to myself.

  8. TSA Precheck works when flying from the US to a foreign country but I think you need Global Entry to skip the line when coming back to the U.S.

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