12 thoughts on “VIETNAMESE FOOD review (4 Sisters) | Rick Rock Foodie

  1. Just google "Vietnamese bbq pork" (Thit Nuong) for recipe. Marinade is simple and easy to make. There are many recipes online. I've made it many times and it's delicious. Marinade is good for chicken thighs/leg too.

  2. Omg You did it !! Delicious BAHN MI Yeaaah Lumpia ufff !! Delicious, that's so weird my notif got strange these days nothing happened gosh !

  3. Dang this looks so dog on good! Good grief I’m hungry now lol you was not playing with that food lol I don’t blame you lol

  4. Hey there! The Vietnamese sandwich looks bomb. There was a place by my house who sold them but then they closed down. I was so upset. The bread was nice & toasted too. Just tapped your red button by the way. New friend here now. Look forward to watching more of your content. 👌🏻

  5. Thanks friend for your visit and sharing your 4 Sisters restaurant video.  Have a great day!

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