4 thoughts on “Walking tour of old quebec city,Canada,游加拿大魁北克老城 #quebec #魁北克城 #BMPCC4k

  1. Nice video …

    Here are a few precisions if you don't mind:

    – The first French explorer was Jacques Cartier, he was a Breton explorer who claimed what is now Canada for France in 1534. He was the first European to describe and map the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the shores of the Saint Lawrence River.

    – It's called the Chateau Frontenac … named after Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac who was Governor General of New France from 1672 to 1682.

    – The military base is called the Citadelle de Québec.

    – The other French explorer is Samuel de Champlain, he's the one who founded Québec City in 1608.

    Hope this helps your viewers. ;o)

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