What Sold on eBay? Things are picking up again! – Part Time Reseller

I’m a little behind on videos. Busy listing my resent finds! Thanks for watching. Contact me with any questions.

email: parttimepickers@hotmail.com
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41 thoughts on “What Sold on eBay? Things are picking up again! – Part Time Reseller

  1. This dude babbles and mostly just brags about how great he's doing…no real useful info about sourcing or operating… just bragging about how much he made of each item. He's a YouTube bragger who's getting paid to talk about nothing… lol

  2. PS3 games kind of like those cards you mentioned – keep an eye out for like anime titles – stuff like disgaea. Marvel vs capcom & marvel ultimate alliance are decent ones to look out for.

  3. What apps can I use to find yard sales? Yard sale treasure map isn't working for me and I don't use Facebook marketplace because of privacy concerns.

  4. Great job! It's great to see a part timer doing well. I just got started about a month ago and it's been a time suck for sure lol. Just over 100 listings for me but I definitely see more traction to my store when I'm listing regularly. Great videos man. Super consistent content and I learn a lot from what you sell.

  5. Nice sales Matt, I always love watching the what sold videos, I learn more from them than any other type of video. thanks.

  6. It is so encouraging to see another reseller buy items that aren’t worth a whole lot but still willing to sell them off and make a little money at least. I buy items all the time with a low return rate but watching you is encouraging!

  7. I'm loving all the vintage solds! You make finding vintage items worth selling look easy. HAHA! I agree, perfume is where it's at, though! I dug under my sink and found some perfumes to sell. One sold overnight and the others seem to be getting a lot of attention. Thanks for the fun video!

  8. I keep hearing about the global shipping program. Without doing a google search I haven’t seen any info. Maybe you could talk a little about it in a later video.

  9. I've been watching you for awhile now. You seem to hold your prices pretty well. People are always making me low ball offers & I cave in & sell low! Has that ever been an issue with you?

  10. Just sold something this morning for $50 that I picked up for $2 🙂 Would you be able to make a video about your inventory/storage system?

  11. Bought 2 ps3 bundles last week with 60 games each. lowballed 70. paid 90 on both. Sold both consoles together for 180 last night and ive already sold 20 games at 10 to 25 bucks a piece.
    Already 200 profit and I still have 90 games. Games are money 🤓

  12. On the PS3 games, you sold for $16.95 plus $8.30 shipping which is $25.25, yet you said the Buyer is all in at $36.00. Surely tax is not $11.00. I'm confused, lol.

  13. Thanks for making these awesome! Videos. I’m able to branch out and sell different items that I thought I would never do. Thanks again for your knowledge.

  14. That's awesome you're hearing that cha ching notification all the time must be great to hear
    Btw how many items a day do you list on average?

  15. I am amazed at your organizing ability. That place looks like you every inch is used. Nice sales. You're killing it.

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