Windows 7 Editions: Is Windows 7 Ultimate Worth Buying?

Is the Ultimate edition of Windows 7 worth buying? Comparing the price and features, my opinion would be, no. This is a brief tour of the features available on Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, and Windows 7 Ultimate, so that you can decide for yourself. What do you think? Is Windows 7 Ultimate worth paying for?

The link to the Windows edition comparison page:

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31 thoughts on “Windows 7 Editions: Is Windows 7 Ultimate Worth Buying?

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  6. I've got it buried away, in a virtalized state, so the archivists can find it at the end of the M$ era. That's been coming on for a while. The Final Sign was M$ 8. LOL!

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  8. Your speech is shocking man, no help at all with constant 'tut' pausing etc… being funny here just giving you constructive feedback for future videos you do.

  9. Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate would be great for gamers that want to play classic games because a lot of the old PC games wouldn't work on Windows 7 Home Premium but because in Professional or Ultimate you can use programs that would only run in XP or Vista you could play a lot more classic games.

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