Yandere Simulator Minecraft Map

Minecraft recreation of the game Yandere Simulator including Akademi High School and Yandere-chan’s house. I left out some stuff from this video, so you have to download the map to see for yourself everything! This map is up to date as the build in the actual game right now.

Q:Can I use this and modify it for my roleplay?
A:Yes, just give credit to CraftyFoxe

Q:Will you update this when there’s new stuff?

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47 thoughts on “Yandere Simulator Minecraft Map

  1. Look amazing! Now I kinda have an idea on how to start my build in MC. Would you mind if I took some of your ideas?

    Ps. Did you make this from your own knowledge, or from a website?

  2. What's your Minecraft username? I'm going to use this map for a possible minigame and wanted to put your head next to a sign that says "Map Builder"

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