Your best option for uploading mixes (MixCloud)

Copyright can be an issue when you want to upload your mixes. YouTube and SoundCloud have been suspending and deleting accounts and a lot of DJ’s are looking for a good alternative.

MixCloud has been the go to site for a lot of DJ’s and it is a very good and safe option. Unlimited uploads, artists receive royalties and it’s free!

Your mixes can’t be downloaded from MixCloud, but it’s the perfect option for streaming and streaming is the most important thing.

Enjoy the video and share the knowledge!



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27 thoughts on “Your best option for uploading mixes (MixCloud)

  1. is mixcloud jew-owned? is would be awesome to find in one place listed ALL jew-owned (i.e. from which a jew profits) enterprises, so that we may direct our business accordingly

  2. mixcloud is good but does anyone finding it hard to gain play/traction there? cause without ads it feels like i won't get any play on my mixes

  3. Somyehow on my mixcloud account, another dj able to post his set on mine which I can't remove from my profile. Any tips cuz on mixcloud instruction doesn't work, thanks.

  4. Anyone who knows why mixcloud doesn't recognize the facebook fan page but can recognize personal account…loads forever or keeps popping up the "manage facebook fan page" section

  5. You forgot to mention the most important part of Soundcloud deleting mixes. Which is the you should not post a mix that can be downloaded.

  6. This video is really helpful so thanks for the upload. I am seriously considering focusing my mixes on Mixcloud and less on YouTube for the very reason of copyright. My understand is that through Mixcloud artists get an income through streaming because Mixcloud have signed deals with record companies. I'm all for artists earning a good income from their work so well done Mixcloud.

  7. Hey TLM, Have you heard of Mixbank? I'm trying to check it out and it's a way for ALL parties to get paid off of our mixes. If so please let me know how you think it actually works.

  8. Dope video bro thanks,,, i have a question ,, are you able to upload a single track on mix cloud? it keeps telling me the audio is too short change file

  9. mixcloud is great. It shits me when youtube takes down one of my mixes for copyright reasons – especially when I am not making any $$ off it.

  10. Please like my page and subscribe i’m a new dj who wanna become a dj and thats my dream, all the mix and video edited by the phone apps call djay for i phone i movie

  11. Mix cloud took down my five-minute mix. I looked at their rules and regulations and they say they don't allow single file tracks and so forth. I'm guessing they misunderstood my mix for a song since it was five minutes, but the five-minute mix was an application mix for a DJ Battle.

  12. I have a question whenever I want to share music to mixcloud from my tablet when I press share mixcloud doesn't come up as an option for me is there any other way I can get my music out there?

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