Zombillénium is an amusement park like no other: werewolves, vampires, zombies, and other citizens of the undead community are employed there…for eternity. One day Hector, a compliance officer, comes to control the park’s safety and threatens to shut it down, even though it is the one place his daughter, Lucy, dreams of going. When Francis, the vampire who manages the park, learns of Hector’s plan, he has no choice but to bite him, turning Hector into a Zombie, too! Hector’s only way to survive is to embrace the Zombillénium amusement park culture, save the business from bankruptcy, and win back his daughter who waits for him back in the ‘real’ world….

source: https://noviway.com

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2 thoughts on “Zombillénium

  1. So, in this world… Monsters are just like myths and legends, but somehow Santa isn't in those categories. XD I might buy this. It's close to Halloween, but when I say that, in moments of posting this comment, it might already be irrelevant when it gets seen later. But, again, the movie looks interesting and the models look nice. And I kinda like how the dad kinda just looks sorta like Hellboy from the comics almost. X3

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